Gap Dong Episode 13 (I chose a spoiler-free picture) from the dramabeans recap.

Amendment to Statute of Limitations

An act redefining Statute of Limitations in kdramas.

Section 1. Whereas in real-life law, the Statute of Limitations “sets the maximum time after an event that legal proceedings based on that event may be initiated”.

Section 2. Whereas to give Kdrama Police a fighting chance in solving old crimes, one or more of the following must occur near the end of the Statute of Limitations:

(a) A new evidence such as dead body, old records, DNA sample, Corruption_Bribes_Record_1998.xlsx, etc. must surface.

(b) A new witness must recognize something or someone on the news and connect the dots.

(c) An old witness who was bribed to lie must feel guilty and decide to tell the truth.

(d) The original perpetrator must feel antsy and go on a silencing-witnesses spree instead of laying low like all wise masterminds.

(e) The son/daughter of one of the wronged parties must have grown up by this time and must work with the police, directly or indirectly, to solve the crime before the statute passes.

An evil mastermind's records, in accordance with Kdrama Law. (Law still under plenary debate)

An evil mastermind’s records, in accordance with Kdrama Law. (Law still under plenary debate)

Section 3. Should events in Section 2 be insufficient to solve the crime, the Statute of Limitations, must, on further examination, be moved due to some clerical error in recording the original date of the crime, thus giving the police an extra tense day by which to cram filing of the evidence.

Section 4. Should a criminal mastermind fail to be prosecuted properly using Sections 2 and 3 of this Act, he or she must meet the following ends:

(a) Die after vowing to never ever ever surrender or feel bad about his/her crime.

(b) Go crazy. For whatever reason.

(c) Be forgiven by the aggrieved party after confessing that it was an accident and he/she was just too scared to confess at the time. Applicable IF AND ONLY IF the defendant is the mother/father of half of the OTP, giving the aggrieved party no choice but to forgive his/her lover’s parent.

Gap Dong Episode 13 (I chose a spoiler-free picture) from the dramabeans recap.

Gap Dong Episode 13 (I chose a spoiler-free picture) from the dramabeans recap.

License To Fangirl


This is to certify that Mary of Kdrama Laws has been authorized to extol Song Jae Rim‘s virtues, real or otherwise, via squeecaps at The Problematic of The Unproblematic.

Said squeecaps must consist of rational attempts to discuss episodes of the crazy show Nail Shop Paris, alias WTFParis, before giving up and resorting into 4000-word odes to Song Jae Rim and his perfection.

This document may also be used by Mary to justify any and all activities related to the appreciation of Song Jae Rim.


song jae rim seal of approval

Song Jae Rim on Marie Claire

Mo Reasons To Celebrate A Liebster

If you’ve been following me on twitter you’ll notice that I have, after almost 10 years of kdrama-watching, FINALLY found my one true love:

Ladies and Gentlemen: Song Jae Rim... (is mine)

Ladies and Gentlemen: Song Jae Rim… is mine. (You can have the pants, though.)

Coinciding with this happy event is beebgee and Admin A giving Kdrama Laws a Liebster award!

Since I’m new to this Be Completely Crazy About An Oppa thing, I wanted to go all out for once.

Ergo, all questions posed via Liebster Award shall be answered in relation to Mo Il Hwa/Song Jae Rim. And anything that does not apply shall be ignored. *lalala I can’t hear you*

First up, beebgees’s questions:

When you’re not listening to Korean music, which genres from which countries do you like?

When I’m not listening to Korean music, I’m looking at Song Jae Rim gifs on tumblr. (Pre-SongJaeRim Era, I only like a song if it plays in a kdrama and I associate said song with the show. So I never did develop a wide taste in music. How boring, right?)

If you could create any boy-/girl/coed-group  you like, who would you choose for it and what kind of music would they produce? You can choose ANYONE.

The Shanghai Club Band

  • Ok Ryeon (vocals)
  • Soso (manager)
  • Mo Il Hwa, Jae Hwa, Jung Tae (dancers)

Their band concept is “Brawling In A Bar“. Where the vocalist sings a solemn song while chaos ensues all around her and the band’s dancers beat up anyone who tries to disturb the performance.

Weird twisty elbows of power!!! From omokhj blog.

Weird twisty elbows of power!!! From omokhj blog.

You have to choose one K-Drama to introduce one of your friends who has never seen one to Kdrama-Land. Which one would you choose?

Nail Shop Paris – everyone else would suck so much, my friends will think that Song Jae Rim is IT. Which he is. I was just trying to emphasize the point… (prepare to be slayed with the cuteness)

What is your favorite OST?
At the moment, I have this video on loop. So, this:

Imagine having to listen to the same three songs for the rest of your life…which ones would you choose?
T___T Such a difficult question. How about I list what I DON’T want to listen to? Because I found this song and it was so sad.

What is the best non-Asian series you have ever seen?
Song Jae Rim is Asian. IGNORED. :P

If you had to stop writing for whatever reason- how would you continue to express your thoughts: Using audio podcasts or videos?


I would do silly videos reenacting all of Mo’s cool scenes from Age of Feeling until my (foolish) videos go viral and catapult Song Jae Rim to greater fame. Then his manager will invite me to guest with Song Jae Rim in Running Man, where I will make all sorts of excuses to manhandle him. For the sake of variety.

When did you start writing a blog and why?

I’ve been blogging aimlessly in different platforms since 2005, but Kdrama Laws was started 2 years ago. I used to think What am I doing? I’m not an expert at Korean culture! Why am I blogging?  But now, I think I know why. I was supposed to keep blogging so I could meet these wonderful squeecappers who will, in turn, introduce me to Mo My Il Hwa.

What was the most shocking scandal in 2013 in your opinion?

That the Two Weeks assassin didn’t slay all women in one look. I mean, look at him.

I died.

I died.

What is your funniest memory of Asian/Korean Entertainment?

Watching this video and giggling at the Japanese dubs. I got so used to subtitles that I find dubbed videos jarring now.

Next, from topofthekpops:

What kpop group would you most like to be classmates with in real life?
2NE1, because then I’d be able to ask them to explain this video:

(I hated Song Jae Rim in this. Yes, I am not completely blind as to like abusive boyfriends. Yet.)

Which kdrama character would you most like to be?

Soso! Because right now, she’s the one with CHANCE! on My Il Hwa:

Stop killing me writer-nim and pay Song Jae Rim's wages!

Stop killing me writer-nim! (And pay Song Jae Rim’s wages!)

Who is your absolute ultimate bias?

Well, I know it’s not obvious since I’m kinda shy and all, but there’s this guy called SJR who I’ve started to like a lot. Do you know him?

Song Jae Rim being cute (c) Official SJL FB page

Song Jae Rim being cute (c) Official SJL FB page

If you could ask any person in k-entertainment one question, who and what would you ask?

Song Jae Rim.

Will you marry me?

Our wedding pic. (I died from happiness.)

Our wedding pic. (I’m not in it because I died from happiness.)

Which kpop star/korean actor that is usually regarded as super attractive do you not find attractive?

Kim Hyun Joong. I used to like him best in BOF but now I don’t even see my Jihoo anymore because, THIS:

More Il Hwa

More Il Hwa

Which kpop star/korean actor that’s normally not regarded as attractive do you find attractive?

Everyone kept saying that Song Jae Rim was “eew” in Nail Shop Paris, but I BEG TO DISAGREE.

Nail Shop Paris. K. Very K.

Nail Shop Paris. K. Very K.

Which is your favorite out of these three dramas and why?: ‘Rooftop Prince’, ‘Dream High’ and ‘Secret Garden’.
No Song Jae Rim. IGNORED. :P

What is the country you’d most like to visit, excluding Korea?

Who is the one person, celebrity or not, that you look up to the most?

Recently? Song Jae Rim is the celebrity I look up the most.

Oh. You meant look up to… Haha. Sawry! Here, have a kitty pic:

All your ovaries are mine.

All your ovaries are mine.

If you could take one characteristic from each member of your favorite kpop group, what would you take?

I only need one KPop Superpower:

The ability to pay for Song Jae Rim to star in my own MV.

Thank you beebgee and Admin A!

Thank you for the nominations!

And thank you so much for playing along (though I might have forgotten to tell you of my devious plan to make everything about Song Jae Rim). Hehehe

Still, I hope you had fun reading the answers. Have a nice day!