Communication Devices Act

An act describing the proper use and misuse of communication devices.

Section 1. Definition of communication device

A communication device is any device such as a handset, tablet, netbook, talisman, magic bead, etc which allows kdrama characters to send, receive, store, and delete messages or information.

Section 2. Acceptable use of communication devices

Communication devices in romance, comedy, and melodramas should be used for the following purposes:

(a) Accidentally send incriminating or embarrassing messages to the wrong person
(b) Take compromising photos for stalking or blackmailing someone into a Slavery Contract
(c) Store photographs of first loves, ex-lovers, or missing lovers for future brooding purposes
(d) Say something vague and useless such as “We have to talk/I have to tell you something” instead of clearing up matters right then and there

Communication devices in action-themed dramas must be used for the following purposes:

(a) Tracking down a missing person, escaping fugitive, or important object
(b) On-the-spot bomb-making
(c) Spying or taking incriminating evidence against the baddies
(d) Controlling or hacking into highly-secure computer networks
(e) Cooking pasta, getting the girl, and having perfect swoopy hair

Section 3. Acceptable misuse of communication devices

A communication device must either malfunction or simply be forgotten in the following situations:

(a) Looking for or trying to chase someone at the airport
(b) Calling for help while stuck with your love interest inside elevators or accidentally locked office/rooms
(c) Trying to track someone down to tell him/her the truth before another party delivers the twisted version
(d) Warning a potential victim that a criminal is on his/her way to the victim’s house

Section 4. Exceptions to acceptable misuse of communication devices

In action-themed kdramas, kidnappers must always forget to confiscate or disable at least one communication device from their captives to facilitate rescue.

Section 5. Effectivity – this law is as effective and reliable as handphones in kdrama land.

5 thoughts on “Communication Devices Act”

    1. Teehee. Thanks! Maybe one of them is a genius writer with a porcupine heart, and we’ll meet each other by accident and fall in love.

      (Sorry I forgot to reply immediately to your comment.)

  1. Kumusta, Mary! Ang galing naman!

    How would this act be amended with the unprecedented use of the cell phone in Queen In Hyun’s Man? I love that show, and I’m still mulling over the use of the phone throughout the drama, and of course at the end. Love!

  2. Hi, great blog !

    For the handphones I was thinking at this because it’s so frequent :
    – removing the battery (instead of turning off the phone) to show that you’re really pissed/don’t want to answer/want to be left alone
    – if you really need it, the battery is dead : you’re stuck in some remote place (alone or not)/in danger (immediate or not, in a freezer for example)/you have to make an important call

    Thanks for writing down the kdrama laws, I’m enjoying reading all these.

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