First Meeting Act

An act prohibiting normal, unfateful first meetings between kdrama leads.

Section 1. Definition of first meeting – Whereas, a first meeting is defined as the scene when two important characters interact for the first time.

Section 2. In no kdrama whatsoever shall there exist a decent, civilized, truthful first encounter.

Section 3. In line with Section 2 of this act, first meetings can constitute of, but may not be limited to:

(a)   Cases of mistaken identity

(b)  Cases of mistaken gender or sexuality

(c)   Misconceptions about apparent wealth or lack thereof

(d)  Accidents resulting in confrontations and/or negative impressions on both sides

(e)   Switched important possessions such as luggages, wallets, documents, etc. leading to accusations of theft

Section 4. Any kdrama which violates this act shall be branded as boring, normal, and “true to life”.

Section 5. Effectivity – this act shall take effect immediately on The First Meeting.

8 thoughts on “First Meeting Act”

  1. I’d like to add: Many first encounters take place in a foreign country or on Jejudo (see section 3 as to how it happens) before the two main leads meet again in Seoul.

  2. New reader here!
    Lol at Section 2. It isn’t a kdrama if they have a decent first meeting. It’ll be a milestone for kdramas if that happens. XD

    1. Hey tsukky! Kumusta? 😀
      QIHM might have violated this one… they only exchanged hellos and left with a good impression of each other. Although Boong Do was a time traveler at the time so I guess that’s a case of mistaken identity…

      1. Oh yeah, I saw that one. If you think of it, their meeting is really quite decent and pretty normal compared to the standard kdrama first meeting haha. But Boong-Do is from the past and he meets her in the future…that’s an unusual first meeting there haha.

        As much as we make fun of this first meeting thing, I actually think it’ll be boring if anything outrageous doesn’t happen on that fateful moment. The first meeting should be crazy! Haha.

        1. Teehee you’re right. I prefer my 1st meetings squee-worthy… shouty ones, not so much. (Unless it’s the cute, bickering, shouty ones.)

  3. Yup the fateful first encounter which makes our leads swear that they haven’t met a more bigger d-bag in their life.and under no circumstances will theyever fall in love with the respective other. 🙂

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