Kdrama Audience Act

An act describing the kdrama audience minority and majority.

Section 1. This act defines the kdrama audience as a set of people who have watched, are watching, or can’t watch but dying to watch RIGHT NOW any kdrama.

Section 2. Kdrama audience shall hereafter be referred to as AUDIENCE.

Section 3. The minority

Article 1. This act defines the minority as a division of the audience which is composed of casual viewers or people not yet obsessed with watching kdramas.

Article 2. Members of the minority have the annoying habit of watching over the majority’s shoulders and asking logical questions such as: “Who’s that? Why is she crying? Why can’t she just say she likes him?” during crucial moments of the story.

Article 3. The expected lifespan of minority members is approximately one hour – or the length of time it takes to finish one episode of a kdrama. At the end of said episode, the minority member shall become part of the obsessed majority.

Section 4. The majority

Article 1. This act defines the majority as a division of the audience composed of hardcore viewers and addicts who will stop at nothing to get their next kdrama fix.

Article 2. The majority knows kdramas like the back of its hand. Maybe more. As such, the majority is more forgivable in terms of bad acting, poor directing, and crappy scripts and plotlines provided there are ample brooding or fanservice scenes to make up for the lack of quality.

Section 5. Effectivity – this act shall take effect as soon as a normal person watches a kdrama or episode thereof.

6 thoughts on “Kdrama Audience Act”

    1. Hey, us majority aren’t sad! At least, not until episode 8 when the angst starts. Plus we get broody shower scenes at that point, so it’s all ok.
      I’m glad you like what’s in the blog so far. Thanks for visiting!

      1. I was just poking fun at myself, my husband teases me all the time about my kdrama obsession. I told him I’m going to have to show him your blog because he would laugh at it. I did one post that was sort of similar called “You Know it’s a kdrama if…” but it wasn’t neraly as witty as yours lol.

  1. Perfect rendering of the kdrama land audience. My husband, however, wishes to file a protest of denial – he cannot quite cope with the fact that even he fell prey to Section 3, Article 3 up to and including Section 4, Article 2; (See Case: Wounded Husband the Umpteenth vs. Goong & Can You Hear My Heart)

    1. Haha I’ve never encountered someone in denial. It’s either they find it stupid and leave or they find it stupid and get hooked.

      Do you know samsooki from dramabeans? He’s a husband himself but I think he’s more addicted to kdramas than his wife is. He’s a one-time recapper for Kim Sam Soon but I imagine he’s still out there somewhere, hogging the remote and arguing which kdrama to watch first.

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