Stalker Protection Act

An act declaring the rights and privileges of stalkers and protecting them from detection while performing stalkery acts.

Section 1. Definition of stalker – Whereas, a stalker is any person with the intent, accidental or not, of discovering an important secret, a juicy gossip, or any potentially damaging information, birth secrets, illicit affairs, and the like.

Section 2. Any persons fitting the definition of stalkers as described in Section 1 are protected from discovery while performing the following duties as stalkers:

(a) Hiding behind a thin post or a very small office plant

(b) Tailing or driving alongside the car of stalking victims

(c) Skulking behind glass windows/doors

(d) Walking just a few steps behind the victim

(e) Sitting in an adjacent table in a café or restaurant

Section 3. Special cases – A stalker may only be discovered/followed by another stalker.

Section 4. Effectivity – This act is only effective in kdrama land. Elsewhere you are better off hiring private detectives.

6 thoughts on “Stalker Protection Act”

        1. Oh wow! U replied so fast! Thank you! 🙂 I didn’t expect that. I just discovered this blog a few hours ago and didn’t do my research before posting (guilty:D). Found out about that law by myself while exploring your blog and was trying to find now where I posted this comment to rectify it haha. An awesome surprise was waiting for me 😀 Your blog is awesome and I’ll definitely come back for more, keep up the good work!

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