Second Lead Act

An act declaring male second leads as swoon-worthy and female second leads as cold-hearted witches.

Section 1. Definition of Second Lead – Whereas, a second lead is a person in kdramaland who is vying for the main character’s affections.

Section 2. Duties and responsibilities of male second leads

A male second lead must perform the following duties to satisfy the Kdrama Audience majority and puzzle the minority.

(a) Be rich, nice, and good-looking.

(b) Should a male second lead be normally evil, his cold heart should be thawed by the warm, plucky heroine.

(c) Immediately acknowledge his feelings and act mature in violation of the Denial of Feelings Act.

(d) Be a knight in shining armor. Always step back.

(e) Wait all night for the female lead to show up to their date and forgive her for not showing up. Do this for the next ten episodes.

(f) Allow himself to be mercilessly used as a fake boyfriend or replacement lover while the female lead tries to get over her OTP.

(g) Buy an engagement ring, necklace, or jewellery and propose to the female lead despite the latter’s assurances that she is in love with somebody else.

(h) Be broody and scarily possessive when the proposal from (g) is rejected.

Section 3. Duties and responsibilities of female second leads

A female second lead must perform the following duties to satisfy the Kdrama Audience majority and puzzle the minority.

(a) Must be the male lead’s first love.

(b) Be uninterested in male lead until the OTP start falling for each other.

(c) Be the male lead family’s bride of choice.

(d) Be rich and refined. Outwardly.

(e) Have a penchant for slapping subordinates or poor people.

(f) Must hide or intercept all proof of affection between the leads such as: gifts, dates, meet-ups, letters, etc.

(g) Must be able to grab the man and force-hug or kiss him in view of the female lead. Must supplement this act of evility by taking pointed glances at the female lead. While hugging.

Section 4. Effectivity – This act shall take effect once a rich stranger becomes curious about the female lead or when a rich-looking woman arrives at the airport and gives out an “Aaah, I missed South Korea and my Oppa” sigh.

19 thoughts on “Second Lead Act”

    1. I haven’t watched it yet. 😦 I prioritize those dramas that are fully recapped in KP or DB. Even then I need time-space-warping abilities sometimes. 😛

      1. OK. Don’t watch it then: It’s the worst train wreck ever. I recognized so many elements of it in your post I had to ask. Read the recaps of Maddino if you’re curious. 10 times better.

        1. I had to find maddino’s site first. 😀 I’ll try to read it after I finish the GD recaps in your blog. 😀

  1. These are great! I think the second female lead in Kim Sam Soon was slightly different, but not sure if different enough to qualify as an exception.Help?

    1. She was the first love and she’s also rich. She also might have tried to intercept/interfere in the OTP’s relationship by pulling the cancer card. But she’s not inherently evil… GAH, I’m confuzzled too.

      We shall take this matter into serious consideration! I think there are cases of laws being amended. Something like The Nice Female Second Lead Act of 2012. It will go nicely with The Nice Male Second Lead Act of 2012 (made popular by QIHM and IDID).

      First, I have to figure out the difference between repeal and amend. Hehe

      Are there other instance of nice female leads? (Ah ok. The girl in Thousand Day Promise was also nice.)

      Looks like an amendment is in order… Thanks for pointing this out, oftheshore.

        1. Ah, that’s right! I love the second leads in PTB! 🙂 Let’s pattern the Nice Second Lead Act after them.

    1. Thanks! 😀
      I’m partial to the Weaksauce Thug Act myself. Although JGS Jinx Act takes the cake for weirdness.

  2. One more law to “Duties and responsibilities of female second leads”
    Possess a inbuilt sensor device which pings and shows her where she needs to be, at the exact time and location,so she overhears info not-meant-to-be-heard, and uses it to thwart our OPT’ wuv

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