Acceptable Violence Act

An act authorizing acceptable forms of violence in kdramas.

Section 1. Whereas there is a need to educate the unfamiliar kdrama viewers regarding certain violent practices in kdramas.

Section 2. Whereas acceptable violence refers to acts which are penalized in the normal world but are ignored or encouraged in kdramas.

Section 3. Acceptable acts of violence

The following actions may be performed in kdramas without repercussions:

(a) Grabbing the wrist of a woman and pulling hard to lead her somewhere instead of holding her hand and asking nicely

(b) Forcing someone inside a car to “give a ride” instead of asking nicely and leaving when refused

(c) Slapping a subordinate or person of lower financial status when they dare to disagree with their superiors

(d) Tree-branching a friend in the head to prevent him/her from reporting your father’s crimes to the police

(e) Shooting your spouse, sibling, and/or close friend either accidentally or in the line of duty

(f) Shin-kicking and light-punching in feisty females as an acceptable sign of spirit

Section 4. Effectivity – this law is effective only in kdramas. In the real world, standard laws and charges apply.

Contributors: Celina, Yoko Loco


6 thoughts on “Acceptable Violence Act”

  1. Hard kicks to the shin and wildly thrown punches to show annoyance or frustration are not only perfectly acceptable but highlight a heroine’s adorableness.

  2. The Great Catsby has a disturbing scene where the second female repeatedly slaps the Catsby until he is willing to slap her back. Her logic: she will only know that he cares about her (and not just his ex-girlfriend), if he is willing to slap her. Then, when Catsby relunctantly does slap her, he slaps too hard cutting her cheek. This is followed by the supposedly “romantic” scene where he tearfully rushes to purchase first aid supplies to patch her up while telling himself that he never should have agreed to slap her.

    On an aside note, I have often wondered at the lack of first aid supplies and medicines kept on hand in vehicles, purses and homes. I wonder what the Boy Scouts would think of this motto, “Don’t be prepared; instead, give him the chance to show that he cares!”

    1. We don’t have a single first aid kit in our house. O_O Or in any of my relatives’ houses. Or their cars. Lack of first aid kits is more normal than you think.
      But running to the pharmacy instead of just taking a taxi isn’t normal. 🙂

      1. I have a first aide kit in my car, it’s the low here that makes us to have one, so I will never ever be in need to run to pharmacy.

        1. Oh so it IS a law in other countries then? That must be why Celina finds it odd that there are no first aid kits in kdramas.

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