Weaksauce Thug Act

An act declaring the weakness of burly extras to compensate for outnumbered heroes and heroines.

Section 1. Whereas heroes have to deal with a group or army of thugs, bodyguards, soldiers, and/or assassins.

Section 2. Whereas heroes must conquer all challenges despite being outnumbered.

Section 3. In accordance with Section 2 of this act, thugs, bodyguards, soldiers, and other fight-scene extras must go down in one punch, slap, sword-stroke, gunshot, or flying-kick.

Section 4. Heroes must be able to survive numerous attacks on their person including but not limited to: falling off a height, being hit with a tree-branch, getting shot or sliced open, and other grave injuries.

Section 5. Only after a fight should the hero feel the after-effects of a brawl, and said effects must not last for more than one (1) week, despite the nature of the wound or injury.

Section 6. This act may also be applicable to overarching villains, until the final episode wherein he or she will return to being a normal thug and shall succumb to a single hit.

Contributor/s: joanne


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