Sad Rich Family Act

An act prohibiting rich families from being happy and contented.

Section 1. Whereas rich AND happy people are not susceptible to mood-swings, whirlwind romance, and u-turning behavior and therefore cannot exist in kdrama land.

Section 2. All rich people must be sad.

Section 3. In line with Section 2 of this act, any rich person must deal with one or more of the following issues:

(a) Power-hungry relatives and/or family friends trying to take over your deceased parents’ company

(b) The stigma of being an illegitimate child and looking for acceptance/acknowledgement

(c) Immature, money-spending children/grandchildren/heirs who do not care about the company’s future

(d) Workaholic parents who do not know how to show affection for their child

(e) Arranged marriages

Section 4. Effectivity – this law shall apply to all rich persons to make them vulnerable for emotional attachment to poor but warm-hearted persons in accordance with the Poverty Alleviation Act.


7 thoughts on “Sad Rich Family Act”

  1. So true. All those chaebol sons run after money and fame and what’s the result? [Snerk]
    Someone should create a dating agency for rich unhappy guys who need a poor and joyful girl in their life. Mmm… Can I be the boss and the first client?

    1. But– if your business booms and you get rich, does that mean you’re going to end up with a poor but cheerful guy? Someone delivering jajjangmyun to send his younger sis to uni because his mom ran away when he was three?

      1. I’ll never get rich. God prevents. 🙂 I will give my income to charitable organizations (aka Catering and Rested Drivers for Exhausted Drama Actors). And to keep in touch with the harsh reality I’ll keep living on a rooftop house and deliver milk with my bike. Fresh air and exercise in the morning sun, nothing better for your health.

  2. Ha ha so very true!! All rich guys in dramas start out as immature shallow jerks with mommy and daddy issues and then fall in love with a poor girl who helps them become not a jerk lol. Except in Take Care of the Young lady where it is reversed and the girl is the rich jerk and the guy is poor lol.

    1. And HoTS. 😀 Yeochi is ❤ But yeah, it's always the rich guys/girls who are evil and opened up to a "wholesome cheerful warm world" by the poor but loving families.

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