Cohabitation Law

An act requiring potential couples to be forced to live together so they can fall in love faster.

Section 1. Whereas there is a need to force potential couples to live together to justify them falling in love in the span of six (6) or less episodes.

Section 2. In line with Section 1 of this act, kdramas must force people together through one of the following situations:

(a) Person A must lose or damage a shockingly expensive item he/she cannot pay for such as a house, luxury car, gold-plated shoes, diamond-studded purses, The One And Only Copy Of A Design For A VVVVVIP Client, etc. requiring him/her to work as a personal slave of the injured person

(b) Person A must be adopted by Person B’s family due to a case of mistaken identity (suspected illegitimate child) or extreme philanthropy (the head of the clan finds Person A a warm and loveable soul, unlike the rich and bratty chaebol grandchildren)

(c) Person A and/or B is/are in need of a fake arranged marriage to avoid being forced by their families… into an arranged marriage

(d) Person A must have a secret that only Person B knows about such as body-switching, cross-dressing, time-traveling, etc.

(e) Rich Person A must be sick of people tiptoe-ing around him and pretend to be poor in order to live in a rooftop with Person B because he secretly finds Person B’s non-coddling of him very sexy

(f) Person A is trying to discover a secret that can be found in Person B’s house

(g) Various situations that require people in the normal world to live together such as training camps, company outings, etc.

Section 3. No person may question the logic or sanity of the conditions that leads two people to live together.

Section 4. Any individual who tries to find sense in the plot violates Section 3 of this act. As such, he/she will suffer by not being able to enjoy the rest of the drama.

Contributors: Celina, oftheshore

6 thoughts on “Cohabitation Law”

  1. I love how these forced living situations are used to allow people who would otherwise have nothing to do with one another to fall in love πŸ™‚

    Other ways that have brought about cohabitation:
    * Military training camps that bunk men with women (The King 2 Hearts)
    * One party being desperate for rent money, the other party needing to stay at the first party’s abode for some ulterior motive (e.g., discovering secret architect drawings). Second party may lie about his sexual orientation to make first party more accepting of the FC. (Personal Preference)

  2. Which one is 2 (e)? It sounds familiar))
    Also, which one covers Full House? A situation in which Person A is forced to live with Person B as a housemaid due to the fact that her friends sold off her house to Person B. πŸ˜€ I guess it’s kind of close to 2 (a)…
    There should also definitely be a law on make-up/clothes and sleep, according to which, in order to look pretty and dreamy (especially to the main male character), female characters in dramas will only go to bed fully dressed (usually in their day clothes) and with make-up on. When they wake up, their mascara and lipstick stay perfectly in place. See: Dal Ja’s Spring, several episodes of I Do I Do etc.

    1. I can’t even remember 2e anymore. I just recall lots of rich guys choosing to pester or live with the poor heroine on the rooftop because they like to spend the time with her… (edit: Gu Jun Pyo would pass 2e for a short time in BOF.)
      (edit edit: Jun Pyo wasn’t pretending to be poor. Hmm.. now I wonder which leading man did that. :/)

      So sorry I forgot your Beauty Standardization Law. It was at the top of the checklist but got skipped. The wormhole experiments can really mess up one’s organization skills (not that there’s much to mess up in my case). Anyway, the BSL has been drafted and scheduled to show up on the site on July 2. And you have a special special mention at the bottom of the law for suggesting it and poking me to get it published. πŸ˜€

      1. Yep, I also thought of BoF!
        No worries – I completely forgot I actually already suggested that law on the Open Thread @JB! It’s something that always puzzles me in K-Dramas – as in, I actually tried sleeping in my day clothes once, for the sake of an experiment, but no chaebol/City Hunter/contract lover showed up, to my utter surprise, of course. πŸ˜€ I also noticed the law does not apply if you’re a cross-dresser or live with one – in YAB and Coffee Prince, all of the leads somehow managed to get their hands on PJs.

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