Beauty Standardization Law

An act requiring heroines adhere to the minimum beauty standards in kdramas.

Section 1. Whereas all heroines must maintain a modicum of beauty in impossible situations in kdramas.

Section 2. In accordance with Section 2 of this act, heroines must have perfect makeup and/or hair even in the following situations:

(a) Sleeping at home

(b) Sleeping or passing out due to fatigue and/or a disease in the office, in a hospital room, waiting room, in public transport, etc.

(c) Waking up with optional hangover

(d) Kicking ass and/or getting her ass kicked in an action scene

(e) Getting drunk/passed out drunk

(f) Dressing-up as a boy

(g) Crying one’s heart out/suffering major depression

Section 3. Additional standards

Should any scene in Section 2 of this act require close-up shots, the heroine must pass the more stringent standards:

(a) Thick, curly lashes

(b) Smooth, blemish-free skin

(c) Perfect teeth

Section 4. Effect of beauty standards on story

Should the story require that the heroine look sick, weak, damaged, plain, ugly, battered, or less-than-perfect, it is the responsibility of other characters to point out or act as if the heroine IS sick, weak, damaged, plain, etc. Either by flat-out saying that she does not look beautiful OR acting as if all ladies normally retain glowing skin, perfect teeth, and straight hair during hostage situations.

Section 5. Effectivity – this law shall apply to all kdrama heroines regardless of whether they’re playing “ugly” or “plain-looking” characters in the story.

Main proponent (as in pitchfork-wielding-lobbyist): oftheshore


4 thoughts on “Beauty Standardization Law”

  1. Yay, thank you, this is perfect! How come they can walk around with all that make-up on 24/7 and still retain perfect, blemish-free skin?))
    Must be tough being a K-drama heroine – you can only sleep comfortably if (1) there’s no camera around or (2) your love interest is sleeping somewhere close – then you can drool and put your arms and legs on the poor guy, Goong-style…

    1. Even when they drool they look pretty! Maybe kdrama drool is like a facial mask or something… someone ought to make a study on its exfoliating effects.

  2. Section 2 should also include time-traveling: maintaining beauty standard despite deprivation from hair dye, nail salons and modern cosmetics. See: Faith.
    This also applies to kidnappings/hostage-taking.

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