Bathroom Use Law

An act governing the proper use of bathrooms in kdramas.

Section 1. Whereas the following behavior should be observed when using bathrooms:

(a) In ladies’ restrooms, women must make snide remarks at each other regarding men, careers, and rivalries (ie school competitions)

(b) A woman having trouble at work may run to the bathroom and cry in a stall

(c) A man having anger management issues or in a very frustrating situation must proceed to the bathroom and punch the mirror and must get a shot of his face reflected in the broken mirror

(d) In office and/or school restrooms, characters may gossip about or backstab a certain person IF AND ONLY IF said person is quietly hiding in/using a stall and can clearly hear everything

(e) Secrets may be discussed in the bathroom as long as within earshot of an involved party

(f) In household restrooms, men must perform their brooding in the shower in accordance with the National Service Law

Contributors: gummimochi (ep10 IDID recap)


6 thoughts on “Bathroom Use Law”

  1. There is also the showering with all their clothing on scenes for the sad/depressed/drunk characters who (or whose friends/family members) don’t care about removing their clothing first. (I suppose this one is necessary for the sake of modesty when shooting women below the neck or men below the waist … but it is often kinda odd when it happens). It goes along with swimming fully or mostly clothed.

    1. Haha I always excused the fully-dressed, depressed people by thinking that they’re too far gone to think about wet clothes and getting sick. Like:
      “I have too many problems, I can’t be bothered to take off my clothes when I brood and shower.”

  2. How about one where a character, male or female, wash their faces from the sink and then contemplate while looking at themselves in the mirror. Pretty similar to the male punching the mirror one but i swear this happens to many characters and often times females. And several dramas have had the female lead, after catching the girls gossiping about her, come out of the bathroom stall and give them a piece of her mind.

    1. “How about one where a character, male or female, wash their faces from the sink and then contemplate while looking at themselves in the mirror.” — with mascara running? 🙂

      The female lead fighting with the “gossip girls” doesn’t always happen though. 😥 And sometimes she just imagines scolding the GGs.

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