Kdrama Genius Act

An act defining geniuses in kdramas.

Section 1. A genius is not a kdrama genius unless he or she fulfills the following requirements:

(a) Has anti-social behavior

(b) Has IQ greater than 150 (130-149 is not considered a kdrama genius)

(c) Is proficient in multiple disciplines

(d) Can quickly pick up any non-interpersonal skill in a short period of time

(e) Does not know anything about relationships

Section 2. In line with Section 1c of this act, a kdrama genius must choose to excel in two or more of the following:

(a) Academics

(b) Business (sealing deals or making fast, risky decisions that always work)

(c) Sports (especially golf for genius businessmen)

(d) Cooking (highly recommended for geniuses who live alone; “Let me just whip up a Cassoulet for you”)

(e) Olympic reading (as evidenced by a house/room full of books on everything under the sun)

(f) Music (at least able to play the piano and serenade the opposite party)

Contributors: joanne


15 thoughts on “Kdrama Genius Act”

  1. Genius: Often synonymous of jerk: Impossible to live with them. Must have an OCD or a phobia to elicit the sympathy of the viewer and the love interest. Professional stalkers: Excel at managing one-sided loves. A plotting rival is mandatory (half-brother or childhood friend): Being a genius is like being a king. The job is hellish but everyone wants the spot.

    1. Haha… you caught me (again I think). There is a separate law for evil geniuses. I’m trying to write shorter laws because people seem to prefer them. (I know everyone here is just cursorily glancing at the laws while waiting for the buffer/dramabeans to load! :P)

      1. (I know everyone here is just cursorily glancing at the laws while waiting for the buffer/dramabeans to load! 😛 )

        I object to that statement. even though i do load dramabeans very often, but i do not doing it right now and faithfully reading every single of your laws, and i also do not buffer anything at the moment.

        (*sigh* wth was i write??? I LOVE THE LAWS)

  2. Only in K-Dramas can you be 25-ish and have a PhD from MIT. In IT. And work in the Blue House. And be a vigilante extraordinaire))

    1. Everytime a genius/perfect person in kdrama mentions his/her age (20+) I automatically start counting backwards in my head:
      Assuming he finished a PhD in two years… then Master’s degree in two years… he graduated college at 18… etc etc
      Then I throw a fit and insist that kdrama people don’t watch kdramas! And if you count how many hours we use up for that, it’s probably enough to get a PhD at age 20!

      1. Haha, indeed! If I spent less time watching dramas, I would’ve already finished my own PhD.=) By the way, speaking of PhDs in dramas, I just recalled the main guy from ‘Smile, You’ – he was actually quite funny and not mean at all, if I remember correctly, so there’s hope!

  3. Though, not all chaebols are geniuses (case in point, Protect the Boss). Haha, but that’s just a protest for the tags provided for this post XD
    I like this blog! :3

    1. Thanks fly! (Your avatar is slightly disturbing by the way. But it’s cool.)

      I’m bothered by my unorganized tagging too! 😦 Should I just tag using kdramas that are good examples of the law? What about laws that appear in almost all kdramas? Oh lordy lou, I don’t want to miss any kdrama and have its fans complaining in the comments section O_O.

      1. Ah, you don’t like bugs? XD;

        Haha, yeah that would be a crazy amount of dramas to list if you wanted to do it that way. Hmmm, maybe if you wanted to mention some examples of dramas, you could do it in the post itself. Then, so you don’t have to list a million, just say “Some Examples” XD But I think it’d be more likely that fans would mention dramas that the laws are seen in just to get involved with your posts… I wouldn’t take it as complaining 😀

        For tags, I tend to go crazy with mine. List “Korean”, “Dramas”… ect… Things that most people would choose if looking for posts that have to do with Kdramas. For instance, I found your post by typing in “Kdrama” in this site’s search bar, but if I had typed in “Korean drama” I don’t think it would’ve shown up.

        Besides tags, a lot of search engines use the title of the post and the first sentence of the article. There are some templates that don’t show tags as well, if you don’t want people to judge you XD (I wish my template had that option because I feel my readers are always judging me… but then I’m just paranoid lol).

        Hope that helps somehow 😀

        1. Wow, so many tagging and organizing tips! You’re right about the enthusiastic commenting, of course. I guess I’m just not sure how to handle using kdramas as tags. Should I edit the post everytime someone comments or just leave them in the comments section? I want something sustainable by one person + a huge community. 😀

          Anyway, thank you, fly! It’s a lot of food for thought. I shall look kindly on flies after this… err.. just not when they’re trying to land on my food. 😀

        2. Ah, I think if the comment offers valuable input, then you should edit the post, since not everybody reads the comments 😀 It’ll be more convenient for future readers to add something you over-looked or fix any mistakes.
          If you feel like it, you can add a little “*edit*” comment before making any changes, but for the type of blog you’re running, I don’t think that’s really necessary. (For example, I usually only use that to make changes to news articles).

          I’m not sure if you’ve done this yet, but if you want more traffic, then you could set up a Facebook page and Twitter for your blog. You can set it up so that whenever you make a new blog post, it will automatically post a link to it for your followers on these sites. I do this because not everybody is willing to give their email for notifications or create a WordPress account.

          Posting a picture in your articles also increases traffic because a lot of people search for images and there’s a good chance that they’ll check out your site as well if they see an image from it in a search engine 😀
          (If you do make a FB page for your blog, posting a photo with your posts will make the links more eye-catching as well).

          Picking a photo to use wouldn’t be too hard… just take a screenshot of the law being used in a drama and make sure you label the picture with keywords before adding it to an article 😀

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