National Service Amendment

An act extending the conscription responsibilities of kdrama actors.

Section 1. The kdrama audience, in agreement with South Korean law, shall allow their Oppa to leave the kdrama landscape for 21 months provided he shows proof of military service upon return.

Section 2. In line with Section 1 of this act, the acceptable proof of military service include:

(a) Toned arms and legs

(b) Less baby fat, more manly facial angles

(c) Six or eight-pack

Section 3. Submission of proof – Visible proof of conditions stated in Section 2 of this act must be furnished via fanservice-y scenes such as but not limited to:

(a) Showering

(b) Swimming

(c) Changing clothes

(d) Tending to wounds

(e) Others; Any scene which will allow a clear view of relevant body part

Section 4. This law shall apply to actors and/or South Korean men under the jurisdiction of both South Korea and Kdramaland.

Section 5. Penalty – Failure to abide by this law shall be punished with a lackluster or less-than-enthusiastic welcome from the audience.

Contributors: never2muchcoffee

8 thoughts on “National Service Amendment”

  1. Proof of a & c should be submitted in the form of the requisite shower scene in the actor’s first drama upon return. Brooding is optional.

  2. Even if Heartless City wasn’t AWESOME (which it is), JKH compliance with this amendment would make me very happy. Now he just needs to go swimming….
    I am sad that the awesomeness of his back tattoo diminishes my actual viewing pleasure due to blurring.

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