Kiss Classification Law

An act classifying kisses in kdramas based on circumstances of occurrence.

Section 1. Whereas there is a need to classify kdrama kisses to facilitate legislation.

Section 2. Types of kisses

(1) Deliberate / conscientious – Used as a sign of affection between two people who have openly acknowledged their feelings.

(2) Accidental – Wherein both parties did not intend for the kiss to happen, serving only to make the relationship awkward but memorable.

(3) Forced – Wherein one party is consciously kissing the opposite party while the other party does not want to be kissed. (According to the story. No one in real life minds being ambushed by Lee Min Ho’s lips in the case of John Lee vs Kim Nana, City Hunter 2011)

Section 3. Effectivity – this law shall take effect immediately to assist the kdrama audience in further discussion of kissing laws.


2 thoughts on “Kiss Classification Law”

  1. Another notable kiss sub-type that could further be considered is “I’m going to stand here like a “chaste” female wooden block while you unleash the craziness of your male lips on my face” kiss. The “because I love you” I will endure it, but in no way will I kiss back… because that would certainly not be becoming of a nice young lady.

    1. Heehee sssshhh. That’s already in one of the laws set to publish on thursday 🙂 they’re all lined up until saturday but if you catch something else, just tell me, I’ll add them to the scheduled post. 😀

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