Update on upcoming laws

Hello everyone! First, my deepest apologies for being unable to lawyerfy more kdramas last week. I was stuck in bed with Flu, and though he’s warm and cuddly, he’s quite possessive and didn’t allow me to get up and post more laws.

Luckily I’m a sneak, so there are now 15 laws scribbled haphazardly on doctor’s prescriptions and drugstore receipts hidden under my pillows. Since Flu kind of derailed the posting schedule, let’s publish one law a day this week (instead of every 2-3 days). This way we can finally accuse hold a fair trial for QIHM and its kdrama law-breaking habits. Alleged habits, that is.

And by the way, I want to apologize (again) in advance if this week’s laws are not as well-formatted as the others, as I can only type them up using a tablet for now. So no fancy tabbing or listing. But the crazy and what-the-heck-that’s-right factor are still there.

To give you an idea, here are the upcoming laws (in no particular order): Kiss Classification, Accidental Kiss, The. Kiss., Just One More Episode/Sleep Deprivation, Second Lead Freedom, Cinderella, To The Bitter End, Jackass of All Trades… and lots more I’m keeping close for now.

— wait, there’s also the new type of post: Trials (On the dock? Wanted?) to be started with QIHM. So that’s that. I hope everyone is looking forward to the laws and “doing research” aka watching kdramas in the meantime!

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