Accidental Kiss Law

An act regulating accidental kisses in kdrama land.

Section 1. Whereas an accidental kiss is any kiss falling under the specified definition in Kiss Classification Law.

Section 2. Purpose – Whereas accidental kisses may be used to introduce tension between two (2) heretofore platonic parties and force both to think about the other person more with an optional touching of the lips and shaking of the head to clear one’s thoughts.

Section 3. Frequency – Whereas accidental kisses must occur not more than once (1) between selected parties in a kdrama. Any accidental kiss exceeding this number is stretching the truth. Even for kdramas.

Section 4. Occurrence – Whereas accidental kisses may be contrived in the following situations:

(a) In mini-accidents where one party trips, falls, etc towards the other party, causing an accidental brush of their lips or a full-on lip-plant

(b) While administering first-aid in fulfillment of the Emergency Response Act

(c) When one or both persons are drunk

(d) When one or both parties are unconscious or dreaming of someone else and just happen to grab the nearest person to kiss

Section 5. Effectivity – accidental kisses will most certainly cause one or both parties to fall for each other.


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