The. Kiss. Law.

An act declaring the importance of deliberate kisses in kdramas, outlining proper conduct between the kissing parties and post-production handling thereof.

Section 1. Whereas deliberate kisses are kisses where both parties are consciously expressing their affection as specified in the Kiss Classification Law.

Section 2. Purpose – Whereas deliberate kisses, heretofore referred to as The. Kiss., must show that these characters are Very Serious about their relationship.

As a secondary use, memories and scenes related to The. Kiss. may be liberally referred to via flashbacks and brooding scenes.

Section 3. Legality of The. Kiss. – once the first The. Kiss. has occurred, both parties are legally bound to defy logic and perform acts of Noble Idiocy to prove their affection.

Section 4. Frequency – Due to their special nature, The. Kiss.-es must not occur more than three (3) times in kdramas. Recommended situations of occurrence include the following kdrama milestones:

(1) when both parties admit their feelings
(2) when both parties finally get together after episodes of angst
(3) and finally, in the last episode, to show that all is well

Section 5. Emphasis – Due to its highly limited nature and secondary purpose as brooding material, The. Kiss. must be highlighted and made even more special using the following effects:

(a) swelling background music

(b) 360 degree shots

(c) slow motion

(d) inhumane amount of tension/buildup

(e) (optional) a very unresponsive female

Section 6. Effectivity – this law shall strictly apply to all kdramas except Section 5e (responsive female) which is limited to major networks.


4 thoughts on “The. Kiss. Law.”

  1. ahahahaha! I guess QIHM has not violated this law due to Section 6 exemption. Maybe say something about the exemptions.

    (please grant pardon for always bringing up QIHM. I can’t help it. It’s the only one in my heart.)

    1. Eep, you’re right. Hmm.. I’ll try to put a loophole in the law. And don’t worry, we got other laws to nail that cracktastic drama. Haha

  2. Section 5.e. a very unresponsive female
    When the female lead stands akwardly like a cardboard cutout makes me want to jump inside the screen n smack some sense into her….. respond!!!!! its ur supposed to be the one true love of ur life!!!!

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