Wanted: Queen In Hyun’s Man

queen in hyun's man's poster

(This is a new type of post where we feature a kdrama and/or its characters and its non-adherence to kdrama laws. If you want to add more crimes, defend the kdrama, or suggest punishments, sound off in the comments section.)

Queen In Hyun’s Man (heretofore referred to as QIHM) and its cast is now on trial for refusal to follow kdrama convention.

queen in hyun's man's poster

Section 1. Possible offenses

(a) Multiple counts of Kissing Just For The Heck of It.

In direct violation of The. Kiss. Law. where it is clearly stated that lovers must kiss IF AND ONLY IF they have undergone episodes of uncertainty and angst or threat of separation, the OTP of QIHM have been spotted kissing each other on numerous occasions, sometimes in the pretext of saying goodbye, never by accident, and with both parties conscious and actively participating.

(b) Immediate Acknowledgement of Feelings

In direct violation of Denial of Feelings Act where characters are expected to brood for a couple of episodes on pointless reasons why they cannot possibly be in love with the opposite party, the QIHM OTP simply acknowledged their feelings without fanfare and deprived the kdrama audience of the usual brooding fodder.

(c) Unprecedented use of handphones

Despite adherence to the Communication Devices Act via Interfering Friends Who Do Not Inform You of Important Calls and Missed Calls of Doom, QIHM used handphones in an unprecedented manner to facilitate a reunion between the OTP.

QIHM has caught the kdrama audience off-guard and spurred numerous debates regarding its final use of handphones. Debates are tiring things that force busy people into wasting time on arguments; time better used for watching more kdramas. The kdrama audience may therefore demand recompense from QIHM, its cast, writers, and staff.

Section 2. Proposed punishment

(a) For failure to provide the usual amount of brooding as stated in Section 1b of this document, Kim Boong-do aka Ji Hyun-woo must use a time-traveling talisman to jump forward two (2) years into the future after his National Service and provide the kdrama audience with two (2) times the usual proof of his military training as stated in the National Service Amendment Law, preferably via broody showers or swimming scenes.

(Clarification: two times the usual proof does not mean sixteen-pack abs but twice the normal frequency of shower scenes.)

(b) For participating in this unconventional kdrama, Choi Hee-jin aka Yoo In-na must strive hard to top her performance and chemistry with Ji Hyun Woo in QIHM by working hard in other projects, in an effort to take responsibility for the audience’s QIHM-withdrawal.

(c) For refusing to let the kdrama audience move on due to their unforgettable story, both Yoo Inna and Ji Hyun Woo must have smart and cute babies and live happily ever after in the footsteps of the Kim Seung Woo-Nam Joo couple, against Showbiz Relationship Convention.

(d) For producing this crackdrama, the QIHM staff esp. screenwriters must henceforth continue producing at least one (1) kdrama per year in the same or greater calibre as QIHM.

Section 3. Call for witnesses, defense, and jury

The floor comments section is now open for anyone who wishes to witness or cite more crimes of QIHM, defend this kdrama, and/or suggest punishments.

17 thoughts on “Wanted: Queen In Hyun’s Man”

    1. I thought you girls would look for more gratuitous punishments! (I’m going to spazz about AGD in your blog… *jumps blogs*)

    1. 😦 Alas, I didn’t think of love triangles. There doesn’t seem to be a dominant pattern about them in kdramas… unless you noticed something? We can *cough*fabricate*cough* some laws just to put K2H on trial. 😀

    1. Hahaha I’m not sure if you’re kidding but just in case you weren’t:

      I lub QIHM. If you read Section 2 closely, the punishments are just a lawyer-y way of wishing a perfect ending for QIHM fans, actors, and staff alike.

      It’s a bit like saying: “You cracktastic show! Take responsibility for my QIHM-starved heart! Stay in the limelight and make more awesome shows together and live happily ever after as a couple!”

      It’s just that I can’t spazz within this blog’s posts. It kinda spoils the dry, courtroom atmosphere. But I do hang out at other sites like dramabeans, koalasplayground, and recently mystisith’s and wishiwasasian’s blogs. You can find a crazy mary in the corner, posting nonsense like KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Beeee! King Beeeee, and Min Sook is <3!!!

  1. Why ever in the world did I never know about the awesomeness of this blog?! Like for realz! I most heartily agree to all the punishments…might we also add compulsory public hand-holding and more of said kissing once the time-travelling talisman has resulted in his safe return from the military?

    1. LOL your comment makes me miss them both soooooo much.

      KBD is gonna finish his army duty this year, right? Right?! Weeeeeeee~ so excited! I hope they managed to keep their relationship afloat. 🙂

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