Anti-Competence Act

An act prohibiting lead characters from being merely competent in their professions.

Section 1. Definition of competence – Whereas competence refers to a person’s ability to “be good” or adequate in his job.

Section 2. Whereas competent people do not exist in kdramas.

Section 3. In line with Section 2 of this act, no lead character shall be described as a competent chef, good doctor, talented architect, etc.

Any lead character who has a profession must belong to extremes of the spectrum such as:

(a) a cold, anti-social genius

(b) a relative newbie with superhuman inborn talents who can pick up ten (10) years of knowledge in months of earnest practice

(c) a person who does not excel at his job because of a traumatic incident or because his heart just isn’t in it; not because he’s a normal person with mediocre talents

Section 4. Effectivity – this law takes effect from the moment plot synopses are announced and must manifest in press releases via vague character descriptions of “Person A is a genius doctor who hates losing patients”, “Person B is a cold, successful businessman who will stop at nothing to close the deal”, “Person C is Joseon’s legendary swordsman who will die for the King”, and so on.


4 thoughts on “Anti-Competence Act”

  1. Wanted: Lie to Me’s Gong Ah Jung – for having a normal mid-level government job, and excepting nature’s intervention (bees and/or mountains), for being midly competent at it.

    1. :O Oh, you’re right. She was a “good civil servant” there and the bees weren’t her fault. Kim Sun Ah in SoaW was also a hard-working employee. Hmm… looks like genius-status usually applies to men, huh?
      But it’s cool. šŸ˜€ I’d like to catch the Lie To Me team for some crimes too and squeeze in a punishment for Kang Ji Hwan!

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