Merupisu Law

An act requiring unfortunate occurrences to happen consecutively in kdramas.

Section 1. Whereas a single unfortunate occurrence is not enough to force characters into extreme measures like slavery contracts, revenge sprees, and the like.

Section 2. Whereas there is a need to spur heroes and heroines into action by piling on the bad luck.

Section 3. Whereas a bad day or week in kdrama must involve three (3) or more of the following events happening in succession:

(a) getting fired or humiliated in the workplace

(b) losing an exorbitant amount of money to thieves, gambling relatives, risky business ventures, gangsters etc

(c) having the rent fall due, with requisite ahjumma banging on your door demanding payment TODAY

(d) seeing one’s lover, crush, spouse, etc. on a date or in a hotel with someone else, preferably your archenemy

(e) finding out that a hyung, unnie, sunbae, hoobae, or some other close person is in love with one’s OTP or the reverse

(f) being diagnosed with a disease like cancer

(g) having a family member fall sick, suddenly disappear, or die

(h) discovering a birth secret

(i) discovering that your family is responsible for the suffering of your lover or vice versa

Section 4. Effectivity – Merupisu Law takes effect immediately after the first unfortunate occurrence.

4 thoughts on “Merupisu Law”

  1. I was just wondering, where does this law’s name ‘Merupisu’ come from/refer to? I can’t find any non kdramalaws references.

    1. It’s from Murphy’s Law. 🙂

      I’m not good at Hangeul so it could be Meor-pi-si, Meo-ru-pi-su, or something totally different.

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