New stuff and a poll

Hello everyone! Some people might be confused with what the site is about so here’s a recap of what’s happening and a map of what could *possibly* happen to this site.

#1 New post type: Kdrama Law Offenders

This week we launched the Offenders section where we feature a certain kdrama or character who has consistently broken kdrama laws. (How dare they! It?)

First up on the hotseat is Queen In Hyun’s Man and I’m telling you right now, that show is guilty. Guilty. Guilty. and it deserved all the punishment it got. Still, it’s lucky about being first because we have less laws to judge it with. Can you imagine how many offenses we can find a couple of months from now when we have hundreds of laws established? We can probably send all kdramas to drama-jail.

#2 A new facebook page so you can check for updates from inside facebook.

For everyone who has to come back several times a day to check the site for updates (like I do 20, 30 times with dramabeans and koalasplayground). Your disappointment can be felt halfway across the globe when there are no new posts. Fearing for my life and low resistance to voodoo, there’s now a Facebook page for Kdrama Laws. So if you’re not a closet-fangirl, please Like the page so you can check for new laws from within facebook.

(There is no law requiring you to like it. But it’s a bit lonely over there right now, isn’t there a law against the existence of lonely pages?)

#3 A conundrum and very optional poll

Do you like more laws per day? Or is it something you want to enjoy just a few times a week?

Right now there are close to a hundred laws drafted and waiting to be polished and published with more ideas cropping up from your comments and from my diligent sacrifice of watching more dramas. Don’t worry, I don’t mind taking one for the team.

I’m trying to space the laws out to give everyone a daily dose of laws, assuming you want them spaced out. But do you? Would you rather be hit over the head with a ton of laws? If you feel strongly either way, answer the poll below:

You can also not answer the poll if everything is just peachy with you. I will take that as confirmation that I should stop worrying about these things and write more laws at our current pace.

#4 What happens when we *gasp* run out of laws?

Ah yes, that problem. Forward-thinker aren’t ya? Right now, I don’t see us running out of laws until the end of civilization as predicted by Mayans (December 2012). But IF the time comes, we’ll probably spend our time dissecting more kdramas, with occasional laws that may be written up to accommodate future kdramas.

Bye for now

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading. If you have violent reactions, suggestions, etc go crazy in the comments section below.

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