Reluctant Heir Law

An act requiring the presence of at least one (1) reluctant heir in rich families, outlining duties and assigning penalties for non-compliance thereof.

Section 1. Definition of reluctant heir – A reluctant heir is a kdrama character who fulfills all of the following criteria:

(a) Be the eldest or sole surviving legitimate child/grandchild of a family that owns one or more corporations and/or businesses

(b) Be uninterested in company politics or the family business

(c) Have extended or illegitimate family who are plotting to takeover the company

(d) Be starved for affection

Section 2. Whereas it is more entertaining to watch someone grow a spine and deserve his inheritance than be perfect right from the start.

Section 3. Duties and Responsibilities РIn line with Section 2 of this act, a reluctant heir must perform the following duties and obligations to satisfy the kdrama audience:

(a) Refuse to work in the company OR purposely act negligent if forced to work

(b) Live luxuriously as a sexy wastrel OR away from home, disguised as a poor man on a rooftop apartment

(c) Be forced to work against his/her wishes due to either (1) a crush, (2) a huge debt, (3) a bet with the family patriarch/matriarch, (4) a request from a dying/disgraced parent to protect the family’s business

(d) Decide to work hard at the last minute and magically become competent enough to beat experienced, plotting employees in just a few months

Section 3. Penalties and Violations – Any heir who acts responsible at the start of a kdrama shall have corporate control wrested from him/her by scheming relatives or shareholders in the middle of the story. As opposed to the reluctant heir who shall start at the bottom and end up at the top.

Section 4. Effectivity – All heirs who start out as incompetent nincompoops shall effectively grow into their role and become CEOs, corporate tycoons, major shareholders, etc. at the end of the series.


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