Half-nuptials Act

An act supporting the creation of half-nuptials in kdramas.

Section 1. Definition of half-nuptials – A half-nuptial is a wedding wherein a person intends to marry another without his/her knowledge or consent.

Section 2. Requirements for half-Nuptials – Any person who wishes to hold a half-nuptial must fulfill the following requirements:

(1) Declare I will marry you, no matter what” or its equivalent to the opposite party

(2) Get the opposite party’s rejection either in writing or verbal format

(3) Ignore the rejection

(4) Proceed to look at potential houses, invite relatives, bond with future in-laws, schedule a wedding date, and other necessary preparations for normal weddings

(5) Buy a wedding or engagement ring

(6) Present said ring to the opposite party and get a second rejection in writing or verbal format

(7) Meet with the opposite party’s OTP, flaunt the ring, announce the marriage, and tell him/her not to stand in the way of the half-nuptial

(8) Inform the opposite party of the wedding or engagement date

(9) Get the opposite party’s third and final rejection in the form of his/her absence from the wedding or engagement party

Section 3. Penalties and Violations

(a) Failure to acquire a clear proof of rejection – Any person unable to obtain a conclusive proof of rejection shall suffer under the delusion that he/she is having a normal wedding and will experience a bigger disappointment later on in the drama.

(b) Failure to procure a ring or its equivalent – Any person unable to acquire an object that symbolizes the half-nuptial shall have nothing to brood on except flashback scenes of happier times with the rejecting party.

(c) Failure to inform the OTP – Any person who forgets to inform his/her rival of the upcoming half-nuptial shall lose his/her right to gloat before his/her impending doom.

Section 4. Effectivity – a half-nuptial is legally binding between the instigator and the rejecting party up until the latter refuses to show up as specified in Section 2.9 of this act.


4 thoughts on “Half-nuptials Act”

    1. Lovers in Paris; My Girl; Marry Me, Mary; Witch Yoo Hee; and Personal Taste are some that come to mind.
      It’s like 2nd leads have this weird habit of thinking that if they just prepare for the wedding, the bride/groom will show up. Haha

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