Stay of Execution Law

An act prohibiting decision makers from making up their minds regarding important issues until the last minute.

Section 1. Whereas an important issue is one that concerns the following:

(a) Death penalty

(b) Life-threatening surgery or acceptance of a disease and its treatment

(c) Transfer of leadership, inheritance, or stock majority

(d) Half-nuptials

(e) Threat of separation

Section 2. Whereas to increase the suspense in kdramas, important decisions must be finalized and/or announced at the following moments:

(a) In death penalties, just before the suspect drinks the poison or when the executioner raises the axe/sword to deliver the final blow

(b) In life-threatening surgeries or medical dilemmas, when the patient nears death and not a second before

(c) In corporate decisions, when one’s hands are hovering above the legal document for signing or stamping

(d) In half-nuptials, when the presiding officer asks: “Do you take ______ as your lawfully wedded…” or during the announcement in an engagement party

(e) In threats of separation, after the departing party has bought tickets, packed the bags, sold the apartment, resigned from work, etc and just before he/she boards the plane/ship/bus/train to his/her new life

Section 3. Effectivity – reverse decisions are effective immediately, up until the decision-maker waffles again and makes another bad decision to recycle conflict.

Contributors: Celina


3 thoughts on “Stay of Execution Law”

  1. A special sub-category of these would be AFTER the plane ticket (or train or ship or bus… ) purchased and JUST BEFORE it is too late to stop the person from boarding the plane (or train or ship or bus… but these are less dramatic). It always maddens me how much money is wasted on plane tickets that are not used in dramas! Too bad plane tickets are non-transferable… a good business could be made reselling these tickets to desperate last minute travelers. I almost think more dramas have an airport (or equivalent) scene, than do not.

    1. Perfect! hahaha I ❤ you right now!
      It really is annoying when one of the leads just finished quitting work, selling the apartment, packing bags, etc only to be stopped from leaving at the last minute.
      (Your idea was added in Sections 1e and 2e.) 😀

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