Portrait of Wealth Law

An act legalizing the use of gigantic portraits to depict wealth.

Section 1. Definition of Portrait of Wealth – A Portrait of Wealth (PoW) is a painting, photograph, or likeness of a person at least life-size in proportion, displayed in his/her office or home, showing him/her looking austere, cool, or smug.

Section 2. The Right To Portrait of Wealth – Whereas to save screentime and avoid too much use of words or budget, kdramas have the right to use Portraits of Wealth to indicate how rich and egoistic a character is.

Section 3. Penalties and Violations

(a) For the production team
Any kdrama production team who fails to claim their Right To Portrait of Wealth shall have to squeeze their budget and be forced to rent one (1) or more expensive cars, huge houses, large offices, and the like to prove that the main character is obscenely rich.

(b) For the scriptwriter and character
Any scriptwriter-character combo who fails to claim their Right To Portrait of Wealth shall have to actually write and act out a decent script to indicate a rich upbringing and lack of morals instead of relying on the PoW to do it for them.

Section 4. Effectivity – A PoW is a legal substitute for good script, acting, directing, and budget, should any of the aforementioned fail to portray apparent wealth.

Law proponent: Tardis


14 thoughts on “Portrait of Wealth Law”

  1. Ha ha I was just watching Que Sera, Sera and I was thinking how ridiculous it was that the rich girl has a huge painting of herself in her room. And then they did a few shots with her just casually standing by it and it was so weird. 😛

  2. I just can’t understand why someone would want to see her/his own face on 4X3 High Definition. To be proud of yourself is one thing but here it’s just narcissism. Yes, I would take a good script instead anytime.
    Side note: They also should stop using the multicolored Marylin’s portrait by Warhol in all the interiors: It was, is and will always be ugly. Someone burn that thing before I lose my eyesight.

  3. I have always been a bit creeped out by those jumbo shots too… I wonder if the celebrities like to keep them once the drama shooting is over?!!?

  4. The absolute best is Rain lighted up and topless from Full House. Although I do appreciate the oil paintings because I think that the set designers had more trouble getting that.

    1. Oh, well, the portraits aren’t really ugly per se, and yes, some of them I’d buy if I could (like Si Won’s giant pic in Oh My Lady hehe)
      It’s just the size and the shrine-in-your-own-room thing that’s creepy. 😀

  5. LOL the portrait of wealth. I was facepalming and laughing and shaking my head when I saw Tae Yong’s portrait at his room on Rooftop Prince. Why of course he has a portrait, he’s a chaebol. *more facepalming*

    And Rain’s on Full House. So weeeeeird.

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