Shareholders Law

An act declaring shareholders as a special class of citizens in kdramas, declaring responsibilities thereof.

Section 1. Definition of Shareholder

(a) Whereas a shareholder is a person who owns part of a company’s stock and has the power to make decisions regarding a company.

(b) Whereas a kdrama shareholder is an extremely finicky person used to spur lazy, reluctant heirs into action.

Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities – A kdrama shareholder must remain flat and silent except to fulfill the following duties in a kdrama:

(a) Show up to board meetings or elections in a suit

(b) Express distrust for the rightful but reluctant heir

(c) Make exclamations such as: “What does this mean?” “Explain yourselves!” “Step down right now!” on any and all issues such as, but not limited to: a CEO’s lovelife, the hiring or firing of a single employee, the loss of a VVVVVVIP client, etc.

(d) Accept bribes from the scheming evil party

(e) In board meetings, vote counter to the kdrama leads’ goals

Section 3. Penalties and Violations

(a) Siding with the rightful heir
Any upright shareholders who immediately vote for or side with the rightful heir shall either be maimed, threatened, blackmailed, and/or killed by the desperate power-grabbing party.

Section 4. Effectivity – the decision of shareholders are revocable and subject to last minute changes under the Stay of Execution Law.


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