Foot Protection Law

An act recognizing the sensitivity of feet in kdramas and their need for appropriate care and attention.

Section 1. Whereas a foot is the part of the woman’s body that is highly susceptible to giving way, tripping, twisting, and spraining on all sorts of surfaces, with or without the presence of obstacles and regardless of the surface’s roughness or lack thereof.

Section 2. Whereas a heroine’s foot, once temporarily damaged or rendered useless by any of the minor incidents described in Section 1 of this act, must be tended to by the hero/male character in the following manner:

(a) Piggybacking the heroine to avoid putting weight on the leg.

(b) Swooping in and carrying the heroine out.

(c) Giving his more comfortable flats/leather/rubber shoes for the heroine to wear.

(d) Buying a new pair of shoes for the heroine.

(e) Massaging the damaged foot, in defiance of real-world first aid laws (which do not apply in kdramas).

(f) Running to the pharmacy and buying a plaster/bandage/poultice/etc and applying it to the damaged foot.

(g) Taking the heroine home in his car.

Section 3. Effectivity – a heroine’s foot is considered weak and sensitive except when being used to kick an annoying male in the shins and/or wearing impossibly-high-heels.

Proponents: wishiwasasian, Sara


7 thoughts on “Foot Protection Law”

  1. Section 2 (e) really does defy real-world laws, and I don’t think it’s limited to just foot massaging. 🙂

  2. Is there a law or a clause under a law where the female characters are always guaranteed to getting a small cut on the finger after attempting to pick up broken glass? The hero then rushes to them in concern and chides them for picking up the glass as if she’s a 5-year old.

    1. Haha, no, there isn’t anything like that yet! But I can add it to the draft of the First Aid Act, together with awkward-kisses-disguised-as-CPRs and running-to-the-pharmacy-to-express-extreme-concern.

      1. Not for the foot clause but for first-aid-act-The female gets soaked in the rain,and it leads to seriously dangerous high fever,causing the female to pass out and the male to stay up whole night beside her taking care of her.

        1. Expanding on that – there’s the well established fact that cool washcloths cure everything…provided the hero/heroine sits all night next to the affected party with a basin of cool water to maintain the moisture level and temperature of the washcloth.

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