Misunderstanding Protection Act

An act prohibiting open communication in kdramas to preserve misunderstandings and add conflict no matter how senseless to the story.

(Sorry for the hiatus and thanks for sticking with me, everyone. Please choose a fitting punishment in the form of Dr Jin or Fashion King.)

Section 1. Definition of misunderstanding

Whereas a misunderstanding is an issue that, if left unexplained, may cause people to do hurty things to each other such as ignoring one another, pretending to like someone else, being an ass, treating a long-lost child indifferently, etc.

Section 2. Importance of misunderstandings in kdramas

Whereas misunderstandings create conflict and drive characters to dig deeper graves so the resolution becomes more satisfying for the audience.

Section 3. Promotion of misunderstandings

Whereas a kdrama may use one or more of the following to introduce misunderstanding between people:

(a) Be caught in a compromising situation (ie walking into/out of a hotel with another person).

(b) Absurd first meetings.

(c) Not calling beforehand to inform your date that you can’t make it as specified in Communication Devices Act.

(d) Trusting things to Fate instead of explaining the situation to the opposite party (eg If he comes here before 12:05 today despite me telling him not to, then this relationship is meant to be.)

Section 4. Penalties and violations

(a) Failure to incorporate misunderstanding – any kdrama that does not include a juicy secret shall be ignored by the audience regardless of a high Chaebol Count.

(b) Failure to prolong misunderstandings – any kdrama which immediately resolves one misunderstanding must manufacture another conflict to replace it.

Section 5. Effectivity – this act shall serve to protect misunderstandings until the last few episodes. After which, a kdrama may use any and all means to expose birth secrets, cure all tumors, gloss over historical inaccuracies, vanquish internal conflicts, and the like without fear of rebuke from the law. (From the kdrama audience is another matter.)

11 thoughts on “Misunderstanding Protection Act”

      1. Well, maybe just a few pitchforks.. my life was sadly lacking with no new Kdrama laws (but I think that’s more a reflection of my sadly-not-a-life than you being awol) 😉

        Ahhh, this one is so.. unfortunate, yet it’s basically rule #1 for the reason kdramas even exist.. why else would we continue to watch something when we already know what the outcome will be (to about 99.99999% of every Kdrama)

    1. Dangit, I thought I could squeeze in my Jaejoong fix into the punishment! (we’re ok 🙂 thanks for the concern; the LGUs are more prepared for typhoons now)

  1. That is just too cruel a punishment… nobody should be subjected to that much mindnumbing lack of coherent plot…

  2. I think this is an area where my suspension of disbelief is most sorely tested… For me, a truly great drama is one where misunderstandings make sense — that’s good writing and I can enjoy the story.

    If the misunderstanding has _no plausible reason_ behind it (the worst being characters simply not communicating with each other… once again for no good reason)… it is so darn frustrating and it feels so contrived and ridiculous. I find myself yelling at my computer screen, wanting to hurl things, and to punish the writer to 1000 pokes in the ribs.

    Maybe we need some sort of law punishing bad writers, directors, actors and/or dramas.

      1. Awww… I’d like to see that law too. Sadly, dramaland seems to reward bad actors and writers alike by allowing them to make more crappy dramas. 😦

        …. WAIT. *epiphany* I see…. *runs off to draft a law*

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