Cast My Bias Law

An act authorizing kdrama fans to judge casting news and express their opinions as if the production depended on it.

Section 1. Whereas kdrama fans are individuals covered by the Kdrama Audience Act.

Section 2. Whereas, should there be a new drama announcement or casting-related rumor, kdrama fans must flock to the comments section and post any of the following:

(a) [[I have studied this matter objectively/insert logical explanation here]] and actor XYZ is too old/young/hot/ugly/wooden/inexperienced for the role, they should cast Bias ABC instead.


(c) Is BIAS ABC in this drama?! akjalkf jdlakdjf 8 weeks, 3 days, 20 hrs, 12 minutes left! Can’t wait!

(d) I’m trying not to be judgemental/biased/harsh but Actress ABC is too shrill/old/young/ugly/plastic/smiley/mopey for my Oppa! Ugh. Hate her.

(e) Is Bias ABC doing a project now? Bias ABCCCCCCCCCCCCC please return to dramaland! You just finished a drama yesterday and I can’t wait for your next project!

(f) Is Bias ABC still in the army? This role is perfect for him!

Section 3. Penalties and Violations

(a) Failure to express displeasure at the lead cast opposite your bias: a kdrama fan who fails to express displeasure at the unworthy partner of their bias automatically revokes his/her right to say “I knew it! They should have cast _____ instead.” when said drama tanks.

(b) Failure to pray that the drama gods cast bias as lead: In cases of open casting news, a kdrama fan who fails to pray for his/her bias to be cast as the lead shall risk having said bias cast as the third party and suffer a severe case of Second Lead Syndrome.

Section 4. Effectivity – this law is effective immediately and formalizes common kdrama fan practice as seen in:




4 thoughts on “Cast My Bias Law”

  1. Lol! We are all so guilty, it’s not even funny. Precision: Fans with a bias are always right. If a conflict of interest arises between drama producers and drama fans, the latter will prevail. Bad ratings are scary but angry fans are scarier.

  2. Mary, you rock! Since discovering KDRAMA LAWS a couple of weeks ago I haven’t stopped laughing.

    You mention your favorite, Park Shi-hoo. I like him (alot) too but find that my crushes keep changing as I discover new actors…the latest being Kwon Sang-woo.

    With regard to this casting law, I hereby accept my responsibility to objectively study future castings and apply my biases as directed.

    1. I know that someone else will probably bump Park Shi Hoo out of my bias list soon but… “Right now, Park Shi Hoo is the person who gives me such warmth. I will enjoy this beautiful stage in our relationship. Please be happy for us.” kekeke 😛

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