Severus Snape Law

[[Warning: Harry Potter spoilers ahead!]]

An act preventing secret do-gooders from being recognized and thanked for their efforts.

Section 1. Whereas do-gooders are characters who are perceived to be evil and heartless or appear to not care about anything due to their past actions and/or social background.

Section 2. Whereas persons described in Section 1 of this act must have a change of heart or turn out to be decent persons after all (who didn’t mean to kill Dumbledore and really loved just one woman all their lives, even if the woman’s husband is a bully, and even if the woman’s husband grows up to beat Slytherin in the Quidditch Cup) and perform the following actions in secret:

(a) A chaebol secretly paying off the goons who are harassing his one true lub due to her father/uncle’s gambling debt.

(b) A player confessing sincerely and promising to love just One Woman.

(c) A heartless, business-minded person buying gifts (just because) or sending a drunk heroine home, in piggyback, perfect suit be damned.

Section 3. Whereas, right after the do-gooder performs this Monumental Act Of Kindness, something must occur in the next episode to paint them in a bad light such as:

(a) The heroine, instead of viewing the goon-pay-off as an act of concern, insists that Chaebol Stepped On My Pride, Imma Give This Bitch A Smackdown Yo! and that chaebol Throws Around His Money As If It’s Not Important and other sorts of reactions. (Exception: gratitude.)

(b) Player’s ex-girlfriend shows up all handsy and sexy to give the impression that playerboy is still playing and the simply-dressed, Plucky Heroine With a Heart of Gold ™ is not the player’s type. Nope. Not at all.

(c) A shady ex-partner/minion accidentally lets slip that business-minded person is (correction: was) trying to get close to the opposite party to get the title for a land, the ownership of a store, the rights to a golden duck, friendship of a VVVVVVIP, etc.

Section 4. Penalties and Violations

(a) Refusal to stay silent aka Bragging about one’s good deeds and change of heart – Any Severus Snape who broadcasts his activities shall not get a different reaction from those outlined in Section 3. In addition to this, he/she will lose the Cool Points of being a silent knight, and his/her motivations for doing good will be limited to: Pffft. Show-off.

Section 5. Effectivity – this law shall apply to all do-gooders, Second Lead or Main characters, with the extra provision that Second Leads will never have their actions explained until it’s too late (just like Severus Snape), while Lead characters are protected by Section 5 of the Misunderstanding Protection Act which requires kdramas to resolve all conflicts and misunderstandings (in the OTP’S way) before or during the final episode.

4 thoughts on “Severus Snape Law”

  1. Oh the fate of Severus Snape in HP. I never thought Snape would actually make me tear up while watching HP7 part 2. Good thing the lights are dim in the cinema hehe.

    I somehow don’t get why kdrama heroines (most of the time) gets angry with our kdrama Snape when he does something for her. Like hello, he already paid for your debts, why don’t you just pay him back and stop fighting with him? Stupid pride. Haha.

  2. ok, ummm i don’t know how this is fit but when i reading section 4, i remember Dae-woong from MGIG when he brag that he is the one who taking care Miho after hear she thanks the Doc-hunter for the Medicine.

    1. That’s because Daewoong is a braggity-bragging braggart hahaha. But seriously, it’s the reason he didn’t get friendzoned or second-lead-zoned. 🙂

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