Time Travel Act of 2012

operation proposal

An act claiming the year 2012 as the Time Traveling Year, discouraging the kdrama gods from adding more time-traveling dramas in the future.

Section 1. Definition of time travel – Whereas time travel is the act of skipping forward or backward in time either by magic fetuses (fetii?), talismans, or other implements.

Section 2. Whereas a thorough and scientific study[1] reveals that kdramas of 2012 have an unusually high concentration of time-travelers, usually in the form of hotties men legal males people characters.

Section 3. Whereas the year 2012 in kdramas must be declared as the Time Traveling Year in order to inform the kdrama gods that we get it, now do something different next year OR ELSE.

Section 4. Whereas to prevent repetition and overuse of time-travel, this law acts as an excuse to allows the kdrama audience to collect or catalog a list of time-travelers for historical purposes.

Section 5. Effectivity – this law is effective immediately unless a time-traveling fetus messes things up in the past and turns 2012 into The Year Ji Hyun Woo Didn’t Go To The Army, in which case the latter must take precedence as a more important event.

[1] On September 2012, a scientific study was conducted by Kdrama Law Researcher Mary by opening the recap list at Dramabeans and counting how many time-traveling dramas started in 2012. The results of the study are in Appendix A of this document.

Appendix A. Time-Traveling Dramas of 2012

operation proposal
Operation proposal
Rooftop Prince
queen in hyun's man
Queen In Hyun’s Man. (β™₯β™₯β™₯.. – Javabeans, 2012)
dr jin
Dr Jin

9 thoughts on “Time Travel Act of 2012”

    1. Noooooo~ kdrama gods, please no more time-traveling dramas. πŸ˜₯

      I wish they’d make womance the trend next year. I’m sick of catfights and powder-room-one-upmanship. Unless it’s an awesome, non-screechy smackdown: The Queen’s style.

  1. yay! for pointing that……..kdrama have this phase like one time it’s all about Medical drama and they change to time traveling i think(hope) soon they will run out of idea and change to something

  2. Which was better portrayed, Operation Proposal or Proposal Daisakusen (Japanese ver — this one I’ve seen n times)? No offense, but I really liked the story of PD and its cheesy time travel scheme. /unrequitedlovethemefanatic

    1. I haven’t seen the Japanese version but hear good things about it. And to be honest (and shallow!) Yoo Seung Ho was my ❀ in OP. πŸ˜€ I found the story weird otherwise.

  3. The second theme of this year was noona-killers.
    I’m hoping for a year of middle aged career women (soooooo sick of 20-year old CEOs!), but at this rate this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.:(

  4. Oops sorry cancel my comment please πŸ˜› I just read the title says 2012 ~ I didn’t read that I thought we were talking just recent dramas

    1. That’s ok. I didn’t expect the Time Travel dramas to extend until 2013 (and 2014) too! I thought writers would get sick of it after that year.

      Then came Nine. And Mirae’s Choice. And Lee Bo Young’s future drama!

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