Life-Threatening Law

city hunter episode 8

An act requiring the leads of action dramas to threaten each others lives at least once due to a conflict of interest.

city hunter episode 8
image from dramabeans. again.

Section 1. Definition of action dramas

Whereas an action drama is one that involves a lot of shooting, sword-slashing, explosion, life-and-death situations, laughably huge amounts of blood, chasing, and the like.

Section 2. Whereas any drama which falls under the action genre must have a scene that epitomizes the leads’ conflict of interest using one of the following:

(a) The hero or heroine points guns/weapons at each other, unable to shoot first but begging the other to give up because “I don’t want to kill you. Don’t make me.”

(b) The hero or heroine steals The Secret Weapon-Slash-Document-Thingy in front of the other all while threatening her/him not to make a move. Unable to say that he/she is choosing to betray their love to protect the other person’s life.

(c) The hero or heroine tortures the opposite party to prove that he/she is indifferent and unaffected by Emotions. For a higher purpose. My ass.

(d) Any other scene which involves intense amount of pain for one or both parties, either physically or mentally.

image from… three guesses where?

Section 3. Penalties and Violations

(a) Failure to include a scene in compliance with Section 2 of this act – any kdrama professing to be of the action genre but fails to provide a scene as described in Section 2 of this act shall be considered a joke by the audience.

(b) Failure to deliver on actual threat – any kdrama that makes repeated half-assed attempts at setting-up life-and-death situations without anyone actually dying or being seriously maimed shall suffer the same fate as The Boy Who Cried Wolf, wherein any further “dangerous” scenes shall cease to raise the audience’s interest. Said drama shall be turned into a drinking game where the audience can drink every time a character is “threatened”, kidnapped, “tortured”, etc.


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