Definition: Cancer

Guess who gets cancer?

Cancer n. In kdramas, a disease which comes in many forms but can be diagnosed primarily by its defining symptom: mild dementia wherein the patient believes that he will just be a burden to the people who love him, causing the patient to either run away or purposefully hurt his loved ones so they won’t have to take responsibility for him or “see him in this pitiful state”.

treatment. Kdrama Cancer usually goes away with proper angsting and a dose of truth if administered before the final episode. Success rate for this treatment may vary but is usually high for members of the OTP. If the patient is a Second Lead AND a nice person AND already married to a member of the OTP with no excuse for divorce, chance of recovery is very low.

4 thoughts on “Definition: Cancer”

  1. LOL.the last line is hilarious..i just came across your blog,as someone from “dramabeans” suggested it.N i……… love it!!! gr8 job,i hope to see more in future. 🙂

  2. one type of cancer too is Noble Idiocacy, where the leading actor or actress sacrifice his/her
    life, happiness , future for the sake of other people’s (parents, siblings, bf) like Cinderella sister. Believing that running away or dying is the solution, thank goodness it didn;t end that way and I hope nice guy too.

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