No Rest For My Birthday Law

Screw the cake. Gimme an Eun Gyul on my birthday.

An act requiring celebrities to work even harder on their birthday.

Screw the cake. Gimme an Eun Gyul on my birthday.

Section 1. Whereas you’d think that kdrama actors, after working non-stop the rest of the year with the live-shoot system, deserve to rest on their birthday.

Section 2. Whereas you’ve got another think coming.

Section 3. Any kdrama actor or actress must perform the following duties in the weeks leading up to their birthday:

(a) Practice singing a new song, possibly with accompanying guitar or piano playing.

(b) Practice a new dance routine.

(c) Guest on variety shows or talk shows and promote his/her birthday concert.

(d) Hold said birthday concert, sing, then dance to “thank fans for their love and support”.

(e) Subject to actor’s overseas appeal, repeat section 3d in other countries, usually Japan or China.

(f) Perform additional activities deemed acceptable by their managers in an effort to milk said birthday for more publicity and fan love. As if there isn’t enough already.

Section 4. Effectivity – compliance with Section 3 of this act shall be proportional to an actor’s level of popularity.

[[Yeeeeey~ It’s my birthday too. Yes, I’m not above fishing for greetings like that. Kekeke. Here’s to hoping the next batch of kdramas will be cracktastic and inspire us all to talk more about kdramas.]]

9 thoughts on “No Rest For My Birthday Law”

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Poor actors. My favorite lately though as been TOP getting birthday songs at Every concert they’ve done recently, just because they were ‘close enough’ to the real day. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Rosie!

      I think it’s funny that *you* noticed him getting birthday songs in every concert. Did you watch the concert live + hunt for all other youtube vids of recent BB concerts? O_O That’s some dedication…

      1. Hehe.. Combination of all that, plus knowing different girls on the web, and for every spot on their tour I’ve talked to someone who attended that concert.. I’m jealous that I couldn’t see them live myself, so I keep up with the concerts vicariously 😉

  2. Happy Birthday..I know I’m a little late but it’ll give you an excuse to celebrate longer just like TOP….Hope you got spoiled !!!

    1. I wish I got TOP for my birthday.

      But TOP or no, this year is still one of the best because I met a lot of you kdrama-addicts via this blog! 😀

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