Famous Last Words Law

Any absolute statement uttered in the first few episodes of a kdrama is immediately rendered null and void by Kdrama Law.

image from dramabeans, king 2 hearts recap episode 18 🙂

Section 1. Whereas absolute statement is any statement which has the sound of finality to it such as, but not limited to:

(a) HA. I won’t fall in love with you. You’re not my type.

(b) I don’t want to be King/Queen. I don’t care about other people.

(c) I hate you (mom/dad)! I don’t want your stupid company. I want to do what I want!

(d) I will make them pay. There’s no stopping my revenge now.

(e) It’s “just” a stomachache/headache/slipping fingers.

Section 2. Whereas statements described in Section 1 of this act shall end up being contradicted by future episodes.

Contradiction is defined as any event rendering previous statements foolish such as:

(a) A hero/heroine falling for someone who is not their type. Hard.

(b) A slacker ending up fighting for the throne, getting tortured, blackmailed, and doing stupid hero stuff for his people/constituents.

(c) A rebel/irresponsible chaebol who inherits The Company He Doesn’t Like studying all night and day and fighting tooth and nail to keep Evil Shareholders from stealing his parent’s legacy.

(d) A revengey-revengerson stopping himself/herself in the final episode.

(e) “Nothing” becomes cancer, pregnancy, Alzheimer’s or something that isn’t just “nothing” and becomes the focus of the entire character’s kdrama lifespan.

Section 3. Effectivity – this law shall NEVER be broken. Like, EVER.

6 thoughts on “Famous Last Words Law”

  1. XD Ahh yes the absolute statements, I’m always left with the blank stare “what the hell” “didn’t he/she just say” …….

    1. This happens to me too…

      Little sister: Hey, check out this kdrama, Marry Me Mary.
      Me: NO. Recappers said it sucked. I AM NOT GONNA WATCH THAT DRAMA.

      *after 3 episodes*

      Me: OMG, izsocuuuuuuuuuute. Who cares about the story?! Let’s just ogle Kim Jae Wook instead! This is the BEST DRAMA EVER!!!

  2. Yeah…. my personal least favorite is when characters promise they won’t be hurt, or worse, die… you find yourself screaming at the screen… DON’T MAKE THAT KIND OF PROMISE… just don’t do it…

    Presently waiting nervously to see whether this law will hold true for Kang Maru, Nice Guy, re: promise not to die from brain injury

  3. Hahaha so true! I’m always grinning when the hero goes all “I’ll never love you/You’re not my type/You’re not a woman in my eyes” because I know that he’ll one day be a lovesick fool for the girl (I’m looking at you Lee Jae Ha!)

    But I always get nervous whenever a character promise to come back…because they usually don’t (RIP Prosecutor Kim Young Ju and Shi Kyung T.T)

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