Sister Standardization Law

An act standardizing kdrama sister etiquette based on age and expected behavior with respect to the hero or heroine.

Section 1. Whereas “sister” refers to any female who has the same mother and/or father with the subject.

Section 2. Whereas there is a need to simplify characters in kdrama-land by shoehorning them into recognized and accepted behavior based on their relative age and gender to the OTP. This act classifies kdrama sisters into the following categories:

Section 3. Sisters 12 years old or younger

Smart kid.

(a) The sister must act wise and mature for her age.

(b) The sister must be able to point out glaringly obvious things and be the voice of reason in the middle of squabbling or confused adults.

(c) The sister must accomplish (a) and (b) AND be cute.

Section 4. Sisters 13 years old and above, AND younger than the hero or heroine

Don't listen to her! She'll run away with your money and get you in debt so you'll meet a rich guy who needs a 100-day-slave!
Don’t listen to her! She’ll run away with your money and get you in debt so you’ll meet a rich guy who needs a 100-day-slave!

(a) The sister must be an airhead whose only goal in life is to become a famous model, singer, celebrity, or any other profession which explains her obsession with ridiculously expensive clothes, bags, accessories, or corrective surgery.

(b) The sister must have no other means to support this obsession aside from stealing, cheating, or wheedling money out of the hero/heroine.

Section 5. Older sister

(a) Older sisters must act as an impossible standard for comparison with the heroine. As such, older sisters must be hugely accomplished in the following areas, in direct contrast with the heroine:

(i) Education/profession – The older sister must have graduated from a prestigious university and passed the licensure exam with flying colors in one try while the heroine is struggling to finish the same degree program.

(ii) Relationships – The older sister must be wise and/or have extensive experience in dating while the heroine has no suitor (apart from her childhood friend who can’t bring himself to admit his feelings and remains unnoticed in the background).

Section 6. Ridiculously pretty sister (to a ridiculously good-looking brother)

(a) They are not actually related. Anything goes.

This is perfectly legal.
This is perfectly legal.


*edit edit* By the way, I’m still looking for this guy aka Prof Jung Myung Hwan from What’s Up. So if any l33t stalking-skilled lovely soul out there knows who this cute, bumbling professor is, please drop a line in the comments below! Thank you so much! 😀


7 thoughts on “Sister Standardization Law”

    1. I’m just reading recaps for TWTWB but I already love it! 😀 I might have to look for a copy of WHIB too. I’m curious about Jo In Sung.

  1. Love this law. SOOo true about the sisters 13 yrs old and older, seems like I see that type in almost every drama.

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