Kdrama Corporations Law

History of the Salaryman ep14

An act governing the establishment, ownership, and infrastructure of Kdrama Corporations.

(This law has preempted the promised Out of Town Trip Law due to recent events at dramabeans. The OTTL will come out next week instead. :D)

Section 1. Whereas a Kdrama Corporation is an artificial entity created by kdrama writers to drive the plot and/or provide a setting for the OTP to interact.

Section 2. Application Requirements

Whereas, Kdrama Corporations, to be considered valid, must provide proof of the ability to do or have done the following:

(a) Sabotage the press conference or product launch of a rival corporation.

(b) Steal ideas, concepts, prototypes, patents, and other intellectual property of a rival corporation.

(c) Dump waste irresponsibly or utilize any production process that endangers the health of people or destroys the environment.

(d) Bribe government officials, prosecutors, inspectors, and other people capable of exposing the Corporation’s misdeeds.

(e) Demolish a housing unit/units occupied by orphans, old people, sick people, single mothers, and any other person which can be considered helpless and unable to fight back.

(f) Monopolize the industry by driving small, earnest businesses to the ground or bullying kdrama blogs who recap the dramas they air using DMCA notices.

History of the Salaryman ep14
In kdramaland, the actual meetings are done in elevators and bathrooms. Not desks and conference rooms.

Section 3. Stocks and Ownership

Whereas, Kdrama Corporation must follow strict guidelines regarding ownership and stocks:

(a) It must be headed by a no-nonsense matriarch or patriarch who either (i) built the whole company from scratch or (ii) usurped a succesful company from a very close friend who then died and left behind a child or two to carry out revenge.

(b) The day-to-day operations must be run by a capable but illegitimate relative or unrelated AND under-appreciated, ticking time-bomb-of-betrayal manager.

(c) The successor must be a wastrel in accordance with the Reluctant Heir Law.

(d) 49% of the stocks must be owned by a group A within the company, the other 49% must be owned by an opposing group B within the company, and the last 2% must be owned by an eccentric third party who needs to be appeased or sucked up to right before a Stockholder’s meeting.

(e) The corporation must have at least one (1) CEO, manager, Vice President, or someone in a position of power who is too greedy, too stupid, and too evil to stop doing damning things and turn the ship around.

Nice Guy ep 12
All the important characters in one screenshot: Eun Gi, Jae Hee, Lawyer Ahn, and Maru’s sexy back.

Section 4. Infrastructure

Whereas, Kdrama Corporations must provide a conducive environment for the exchange of ideas and communication between its employees by complying with the following:

(a) An adequate number of bathrooms for chance encounters and overhearing juicy gossip.

(b) A rooftop, stairwell, hallway, or garden for relocating right after “Let’s talk.” *wrist grab*

(c) Two or more elevators also for chance encounters, suspenseful will-they-or-won’t-they-finally-meet sequences, and “The closing elevator doors of heartbreak-edness”.

(d) A storage room, conference room, or any other closed space that can be locked from the outside so the OTP will be forced to spend an awkward night together.

Baby-faced Beauty ep 1
I watched 20eps of Baby-faced Beauty because of this scene.

Section 5. Effectivity

Whereas, the activities described in Section 2 of this act can be effective up until the final episode only. After which the kdrama writer must manipulate the story such that the evil corporations are punished and everything is right again in Drama Land.

(End of law.)

(Still) Wanted: Professor Jung Myung Hwan from What’s Up.

(from http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/01/whats-up-episodes-7-8/)
(from http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/01/whats-up-episodes-7-8/)

My sister says it’s Sung Shi Kyung from 1N2D but I said “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.” Right?

8 thoughts on “Kdrama Corporations Law”

      1. your welcome but it’s jin jung hoon,lol sorry i misspelled his name. I tried to find info on him but no luck i’m guessing he’s a new actor or something.

        1. I searched his name on naver out of curiosity (and because he’s cute!) and he turns out to be a college’s professor if I’m not mistaken. He graduated from University of Freiburg and he seems to be pretty active in plays and theaters, so that explains why he acted in What’s Up 🙂

        2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ that’s so cute. He essentially played himself! ❤ So there's a real Professor Jung walking around in SK right now?!

          Thank you thank you for finding him for me! ♥

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