Reblogged from Drama Corner: Marriage of Convenience…

Drama Corner summarized a list of kdramas that abide by the Cohabitation Law which I love (the list) mainly because it has Delightful Girl Chun Hyang in it. (What, me? Biased?!)

PS My external drive is still borked and I’m still going CSI on it so please wait later this week for a new law.

PPS My CSI level: kdrama. Mash some keys, squint at the screen, and act like you know what you’re doing. If this actually works, I won’t laugh at a spy kdrama again. Promise!

The Drama Corner

Marriage of convenience means a marriage that is based on mutual understanding towards personal gains and benefits, and does not involve liking, love, relationship or family as the goals for the matrimony. It is one of the most widely used themes in novels, movies and TV shows and I love it. In today’s world, when everyone has the right to choose his/ her partner and in that scenario, if they are thrown into an unwanted relationship, and then the slow building of love and care: it really is enjoyable to watch.

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