Give Me Jae Hee… Or Else.

Mad as a hen right now. Maybe madder since hens don’t really get mad… do they?

I refuse to post anything new until SBS trots out my Jae Hee!

Ok, I’m just kidding. 🙂 Been down for the past month with gastritis, biliary reflux, esophagitis, and lots of good stuff. I’m on the mend now and eager to jump back to drama-land and blogging… if only they will give me my Jae Hee fix.

Please, Drama Gods, let Jae Hee be in a drama that any one of my blogging friends recaps!**

** I’m always on the lookout for kdrama blogs to follow so if you know of any, or if you own one, please leave your link in the comments area. Thank you ever so much!


13 thoughts on “Give Me Jae Hee… Or Else.”

  1. Jae Hee is one of my favorite actors 😀 I’ve liked him since Delightful Girl Choon-hyang. I need to get caught up with his current dramas >.<

    (I'm a Kpop/drama blog btw lol)

        1. You didn’t notice me? 😀 I guess I forgot to post my embarrassing fangirl-y comments on some of your kingkas. I applaud my self-preservation instincts!

          I’m already following fangirlverdict but maddinoasylum is a new find. Thanks! 😀

  2. I love Jae Hee…..he is superb in each of his roles….especially DGCH 🙂
    The only reason for my interest in Jang Ok Jung was him, but already 12 episodes have been aired and still no sign of him….. 😦

    I hope he will get a main lead role very soon in a really good drama….

    1. I found him in DGCH too! I’ve loved him ever since… but I have a crappy internet connection so unless my friends *cough* dl his dramas and let me watch, or a blog I follow recaps it, or local tv networks air dubbed versions of his dramas, I don’t get much Jae Hee news around here. 😥

      I hope SBS really trots out Jae Hee soon, before Koala gets tired of recapping JOJ. *crosses fingers*

  3. Oh, glad to hear that you are on the mend, get lots of relaxation and turn your nose up at any thing spicy (oh such a dirty word) lol your esophagus will thank you. I love Jae Hee also I just looked at 3 Iron a few days ago, he truly is amazing. His birthday is coming up soon May 25th!!

    1. Thanks Allie! Are you a doctor? 🙂

      Yes, spicy food is one of the things I’m banned from eating lately. Together with pork, beef, sour food, oily food, dairy, and basically anything in the world that’s worth eating. 😦

      Now you reminded me of Jae Hee’s movies! Kdramas I can’t download, but I think my crappy internet connection can manage streaming a movie… *off to hunt*

  4. Mary…Pobrecita…glad you’re on the mend and please take care of yourself.

    In the middle of a major move here – hopefully the last of my life – from dry, dry New Mexico to verdant Pennsylvania but wanted to send you a link to Amanda of Outside Seoul’s list of Kdrama links. Her list of Kdrama blogs has over a hundred names…some of them really inventive…Kdrama Laws being one of them. Here’s the link to that page:

    Amazing what you folks – Kdrama bloggers – do to enhance our enjoyment of this form of entertainment. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you for the kind words and the linkapoloza! I totally forgot about that! I only learned how to follow non-WP sites via WP recently, so I’m going to scour that list again.


  5. Get well soon! It’d mean the world to me if you could hover over to and see if there’s anything there for your liking. HEH I’ve been a silent reader of yours for ages. I’ve only gotten a WordPress account just recently. Keep up the good work Mary! 🙂

    1. Of course I’ll follow you! I always want to read anything kdrama (or zombies).

      Thanks for coming out and saying Hi in the comments section!

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