What Happens When There Are Dramas To Watch…?

Screencap of lifewithdramas (May 2013)
Screencap of lifewithdramas (May 2013)

Ok, this is brilliant.

I was stalking following my stalkers followers** (as a sign of gratitude, y’know) when I came upon this empty blog called Life With Dramas. There’s nothing on it except the site title and the subtitle:

What happens when there are dramas to watch…

Now I know why the blog is empty. And I must say I wholeheartedly agree!


** Only the kdrama-related ones. Not the internet marketing and scam blogs!


13 thoughts on “What Happens When There Are Dramas To Watch…?”

  1. When a new and wonderfully interesting and spellbinding drama is found on DF or CR everything fades into the background of my life and I just sit in front of my computer and go aaahhhh………

  2. Now that is an HONEST blog! I encourage my husband to do other things like; watch sports, go to the local with a friend, play tennis, etc. I can’t say ” Honey. I need the afternoon to watch the two new episodes that just came up on my kdramalandia.” it’s so solitary but so enjoyable. Love THIS blog too. Many truths.

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