Liebster Lite (updated with zombies!)


Thanks to everyone who gave me the Liebster Award! I kept this as short as possible since I wanted to be as not-very-late as possible:

11 Things About Mary

  1. I’m a left-handed chemical engineering graduate (like Mimi of thetalkingcupboard) but
  2. I refused to take the licensure exam because
  3. I’m in love with web design and development.
  4. When people tell me I will end up poor and unhappy because web development is not a real job, I LAUGH REALLY LOUD. This serves two purposes: (1) they will think I’m very happy in life and they might have been wrong, or (2) they will think I’m crazy and leave me alone.
  5. I used to work here (url removed) and I valued every minute of it
  6. but had to stop and rest because of the inflamed colon, gastritis, esophagitis, bile reflux combo. (See: Merupisu Law.)
  7. Problem is, I hate sleeping and doing nothing at home so
  8. I launched my first jQuery plugin yesterday in this other blog I have under my real name.
  9. Also, I almost destroyed my laptop trying to get into Pottermore beta!
  10. I’m a Slytherin and
  11. I would have burned the Sorting Hat if it said otherwise.

Now, for the questions!

By The Talking Cupboard

My #1 kdrama.
  1. What was the drama that you found it hardest to move on when it ended, i.e. dealing with the craziest withdrawal symptom?
    Delightful Girl Chun Hyang. They had crazy chemistry. Not the “sexy” kind. Nor the “bickering too much I want to slap them both” kind. Just perfect push-and-pull. I was so invested in their story I thought they were real people and wanted to know how their married life was like. (Oops, spoiler. Sorry!)
  2. What makes you jump into the world of blogging about dramas?
    Reading the comments in Dramabeans and Koala’s Playground. So many witty people. So many great one-liners.
    It’s a shame that those comments get buried forever so I’m hoping to catch some of the wit and snark and spazz in a separate blog.
  3. Name an actor/actress in his/her 20’s that you think would still act when he/she reaches 50 years old. Why do you think so?
    Yoo Seung Ho (same answer as Splash Of Inspiration). Looks like he loves it and has devoted his whole life to it so far. I can’t see him abandoning acting to do something else. Except marry this noona.
  4. Do you have a favorite among the acting-dol (acting idols)?
    Yoochun. Because of Rooftop Prince. (And because I don’t know anyone else! I’m not sure who’s an idol and who isn’t.)
  5. How do you see yourself in 20 years, especially in your drama watching habit and your blog?
    I’ll probably mellow down a bit on the blogging. I want to publish a book about Kdrama Laws someday. Jomo made a comment about it once and it’s been on my bucket list ever since.

By Splash of Inspiration

Huddling like puppies.
  1. If you could blog about anything else in the world, what would it be and why?
    Bickering with my little sister. We say the funniest things when we trash talk each other. But we cuddle like puppies afterwards.
  2. How did you initially get interested in the topic that you blog about?
    #2 from The Talking Cupboard’s question:

    Reading the comments in Dramabeans and Koala’s Playground. So many witty people. So many great one-liners.It’s a shame that those comments get buried forever so I’m hoping to catch some of the wit and snark and spazz in a separate blog.

  3. Sike! That URL is taken and your site’s name is copyrighted.  Now you have to change your site’s name and web address. What will it be and why?
    Kdrama Lawls.
  4. This is your last post ever. What would you address in it?

    The end of the world.
    Last post everyone. See you on the other si—–adfljafalkdfj alkfj;

  5. You have to pick one specific topic (it can’t be too general like “movies”) to blog about for an entire month. What topic would you choose and why did you choose it?
    See first question. 🙂

By Isabelle Loves To Rant

  1. Name one of the most influential figures in your life.
    My mentors/ex-bosses: the de Guzman couple. If I didn’t meet them, I’d never have the balls to not practice engineering and just dive into web development.
  2. What are the countries that you would love to visit to if you get the chance to explore the world?
    South Korea. Kdramas aside, they have fast internet, which is important in web dev. Fast internet aside: KDRAMAS.
  3. What is your favourite book? Why?
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It was the first novel I owned. Prior to that I didn’t know people can own books. I thought books stayed in libraries.
  4. Who would you like to meet if you could meet a celebrity in real life?
    Arnold Clavio. I want to meet him and tell him: “Stop mixing up newscasting and hosting (entertainment). Don’t make snide, unfounded remarks while newscasting. And don’t be so uptight and ‘scripted’ when hosting your talk show. See Mel Tiangco for tips.” — Haha. Where did that come from?!

    Let me vent a little here…
  5. Name your favourite genre of music and elaborate a little on your favourite artists.
    I don’t know anything about music. Sorry!
  6. What are the traits found in your siblings that you wish you could have too?
    I need my little sister’s patience before I die from multiple stab wounds by someone I offended due to my sharp tongue.
  7. What is the most defining turning point in your life? Briefly elaborate on it.
    When I met my mentors.
    I was trapped. Tired of selling my soul and pursuing engineering but having no idea what else to do. My mentors were living proof that you didn’t need an 8-5 job to be successful in life. As long as you’re willing to do the hard work, you can succeed in almost anything! (Except getting Song Seung Hoon to emote.)

By Carrot Blossom Patch

I’m going to play lots of tricks on him just to see how he reacts. Hehe
  1. Which KDrama character would you actually date? Why? (wc)
    Why just one? That’s a cruel question, but right now, I’d pick: Bread Man from You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin. He’s adorable and a nice guy through-and-through.
  2. What would you do if you were stuck on a lifeboat with Richard Parker the Bengal tiger? Would you kill it if you got the chance? (wc)
    What is Richard Parker the Bengal tiger? I will suspend judgement until I see it.
  3. Apples or pears? Choose! (wc)
    Apples. They’re cheaper.
  4. Does an actor’s life off the screen affect how you view them on screen? (pb)
    Yes. If someone is adorable off-cam I can’t help but support his projects, even if they suck. If someone is being a bitch off-cam, I can’t help but hate her and wish her projects flop.
  5. Would you rather have a long-lost twin who shows up and steals your man, or an evil Cheongdamdong mother-in-law? (pb)
    I’d rather have a long-lost twin because (1) if she steals my man, then he wasn’t a good man in the first place, and (2) I’m quite confident I’d be the eviller twin in this scenario. Huehuehue

By Orion’s Ramblings

Thank you mucho Orion! 😀

  1. What kind of posts do you wish you had more of in your blog or what kind of topics do you wish you talked more about and what is stopping you from doing it?
    Posts about me watching kdramas! I feel constrained by the format of Kdrama Laws. *sadface*
  2. If there was a zombie/monster/alien apocalypse and you could only take 5 actors/actresses (not characters) with you to fight by your side, who would you choose and why?
    Ooooh~ a zombie question! What fuuuuun!

    (1) Milla Jovovich. She’s badass most of the time, I’m sure she can keep me safe.
    (2) Jang Geun Seok. He will scare the zombies away.
    (3) Kim Jong Kook for the heavy lifting.
    (4) Haha for the scheming. Someone has to cook deals with the other survivor groups and backstab them successfully, unlike Giraffe who will only make things worse for my team.
    (5) Yoon Kye Sang f0r the food. I heard he’s studying cooking nowadays so I’m going to keep him safe and make him cook breakfast! Mwahaha

  3. Say you had a ticket like the one in ‘Last Action Hero‘. Which 5 kdrama moments would you enter and be a part of (without changing them)? You can choose movies.
    Probably the most difficult question so far. I’m a meddlesome person so I can’t think of any scene I’d like to visit without doing something. Here, I’ll try:
    (1) The riot scene in Sunny.
    (2) The dodgeball scene in School 2013.
    (4) I can’t think of other scenes because I’m such a wreck after watching that short wedding clip…
  4. Which type of kdrama male lead/boyfriend or female lead/girlfriend do you choose? What kind of Prince/ss Charming do you go for? I’m talking character, not looks.
    In real life, I go for the “steady, earnest” types. I spazz about abs and enjoy eye-candy, but I can switch the fangirl mode off and make rational decisions about my future. 🙂 I probably won’t stop mooning about badass-with-a-heart-of-gold or bad boy types, but I’ll settle down and “nest” with someone I’m comfortable with. (Contrary to popular belief, 24/7 bickering is *not* fun.)
  5. Since most of us try not to swear much when we blog, but swearing is part of my culture and even way of expressing love, give me your 5 favorite/most used swear-words. You can use stars to keep it clean. 😛
    What culture is this?! Can I join you?
    Pota – A play on the Filipino word puta which means bitch. Saying Pota is like saying beeyotch!
    Shit – Short. Useful for emergencies.
    Fuuuuuuuuuuuck – Long. The number of U’s is directly proportional to my stress levels.
    Gago – A Filipino word that has the same meaning as “ass”.
    Compound curses (e.g. bullshit, pakshit, shitload, shit-ton)

My awardees

  1. Jomo’s Findings
    Because they turn fangirling and Song Seung Hoon’s eyebrows into poetry.
  2. Rants of A Pig-Rabbit/Bluetsukky Rants
    Because I love her candid way of writing. (And it turns out we have lots more things in common, except for the drinking part. Hehe
  3. Mystisith
    Mystisith is scary. But I still enjoy how she writes so I’m hoping she’ll participate in this “cute exercise”.
    (She made a half-hearted objection to the “scary” description. But she replied nonetheless *fistpump*:
  4. wishiwasasian
    Because she’s awesome and I miss her posts and drama reviews. 😦
  5. The Fangirl Verdict
    Because I love her energy and her shirtless post collection.
    (She answered me with a shirtless picture of Lee Dong Wook. Don’t read if someone who doesn’t understand Kdramas is looking over your shoulder.

Instructions for my awardees:

  1. List 11 random secrets/facts about yourself, preferably legal. We don’t want to scare the readers now…
  2. Answer the 5 questions (below)
  3. (Setting this to optional, I really just want to know more about you, so you can skip this step) Choose 5 other blogs and ask them to answer your 5 questions. Inform those blogs you gave the Liebster award to.
  4. Put your answers in a post and that’s it.

My turn! Answer these questions:

  1. What name or nickname can I call you?
  2. What is your favorite Kdrama Law?
  3. If you are the answer, what is the question?
  4. Plants or Zombies? Why?
  5. If you were married to Lee Min Ho, why would you divorce him?

17 thoughts on “Liebster Lite (updated with zombies!)”

    1. She will see this… But she’s the kind of scary you can tell “uhm, you’re scary”. I think being within visiting distance of Mysti will be fun (a bit scary and unpredictable, but fun).

    1. Aww, don’t be disheartened! I do enjoy the engineering stuff! 🙂 Moments and couples and free body diagrams! ❤
      I just love programming more. Haha

  1. Great post, mary! I had fun reading this! And yay for stepping out and doing what you really enjoy rather than be enslaved to something that you don’t like! You go, girl!! 😀

    Also! Thanks so much for the nomination!! And for the fun questions! I had fun answering them – post is updated and live ^^ kisses~~

  2. Thanks for the Award! But who said I’m scary? I’m not! *Sobs in a corner & sticks needles in my kakashi voodoo doll.*
    1 – Choosing my own nickname? Heh, that’s your job. 🙂 More seriously, I’m liking the short version of my internet ID, Mysti. One of my fantasies is people calling me The Witch, but with a gentle tone: That would prove they understand me.
    2 – Favorite K drama law: The only Law which governs real AND drama life. Never fails.
    3 – “If I’m the answer, what is the question?” ↔ “Isn’t life fucking unpredictable?”
    4 – Plants or zombies? Plannnnts (the veggies, not the smokers)! Dammit, I can’t leave without sun. I absolutely hate the depressed zombified version of myself in winter when I have to hide in my cave.
    5 – The reason why I would divorce LMH? I’m not a cheap hypocritical two timer and I acknowledge that I made a mistake. I must go back to my childhood love (in dramaland anyway). “Vampy oppa! Wait for me!!!!”
    6 – 11 random things about me:
    – I hate nightclubs. Strangers, smoke, sweat, noise, not my playlists.. Parties at home are the best.
    – I could feed myself with milk only. Must have been a calf in a previous life.
    – I hate corridas. I would cheer for the bull (I’m Taurus). Related to the previous fact?
    – I am the worst procrastinator you could ever meet. Deadlines are magically effective.
    – I am a very visual person despite a very bad eyesight. Go figure.
    – I am a fan of the Saint Seiya universe. And Ikki is mine.
    – I’ll probably never get a driving license but if I needed to have a car, that would be the original Knight Rider’s one. Pontiac Trans Am 1983, glossy black.
    – Had my first grey hair at 26. Women in the family are doomed… When I’ll be 50, I won’t care anymore.
    – If you don’t have a solid sense of humour, I don’t want to know you. Deadly serious about that.
    – I am a magnet for weirdos and I know how to handle them. If you’re with me you’ll never get bothered cause I will be the lightning rod.
    – Asian Dramas are a blessing and a curse. Wait… this is a Law, not a random thing.

    1. Mysti, put that doll away. You’re freaking out the kids.

      Scary because you say whatever comes to mind. Honest-scary. Not backstab-scary. Scary because you’re so real I don’t know what you’ll say next. Mainly because if something sucks, you’ll say “It sucks” without fanfare. Scary as the dark side of the moon? Err… yeah. I’m going to stop now.

      My sister is also a crazy-magnet. She got mauled by random crazy people twice. Both in crowded areas. I keep wondering why they always choose her, turns out some people are just like that. She also likes milk so much and loves to party at home. Maybe there’s a connection there…? *x-files music, or vampire prosecutor music, if you prefer*

  3. “I want to publish a book about Kdrama Laws someday.”

    THIS! I am so looking forward to the book 😀

    I enjoyed reading the post and I feel that you’re a fun person to be + to talk with 😉

  4. Great answers! I wouldn’t take the Diva, cause he would scare away the rest of my group as well. Even Milla would drop her machetes and run for dear life (and fashion).

    Also, my culture is Greek. We love our insults in Greece. Both for hostile purposes, but also expressing love and friendship. But it’s tricky. I call my mom a “little whore” (means one is smart, resourceful, slightly manipulative and cunning, but not menacingly so) and she calls me that, but you need to read the situation when it comes to friends. I’ll call good friends names, but I’ll make sure they’re good friends first. The more we get to know each other, the more we insult each other. Join us. 😛

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