AKA Badass Law

Myungsoo glowering with headphones.
We need more badasses like him.

An act prohibiting the airing of actual violence or acts of aggression to portray real badassery in dramas categorized under the “light” genre, providing Kdramaland-authorized alternatives thereof.

Section 1. Definition of Badass
Whereas a badass is a kdrama character who defies physical, social, legal, or implicit rules by his habits or actions.

Section 2. Limitations of Badasses in Light Dramas
Whereas light dramas are prohibited from displaying actual acts of violence or aggression and are not allowed to portray a Badass Character in such a manner.

Section 3. Acceptable Forms of Badassery
Whereas in lighter kdramas, the following actions, habits, or visuals may be interpreted into their more sinister meanings accordingly:

(a) Wearing headphones – I shun the world.
(b) Lollipop or chewing gum – I’d smoke, but the kids are watching…
(c) Feet on desk – Look at me disrespecting your workplace and authority with my miraculously spotless shoes.
(d) Unbuttoned or jacket over shoulder – I don’t abide by stupid rules like uniforms or prescribed dress codes.
(e) Band-aid on face – I punch people and people punch me back.
(f) Riding a motorcycle (and weaving through traffic) – I give Trucks of Doom the middle finger. Bring it on, Fate!

Headphones AND motorcycles. I'm scared.
Headphones AND motorcycles. I’m scared.

Section 4. Violations and Penalties
Any drama which fails to use the provided metaphors in depicting badassery shall immediately be turned over to the hands of South Korean Law for actual censorship, suspension, or any action they deem fit.

(It’s been 3 months since the last law and it’s also the start of our 2nd year! Ehe. Time sure flies when you’re busy watching kdramas. Thank you everyone for following Kdrama Laws and helping me improve and brainstorm new laws! Let’s do this for 10 more years, ok?)

2 thoughts on “AKA Badass Law”

  1. I am very glad you brought up the “shoe thing.” How do they actually wear those shoes and keep them that clean? I want to put my feet up (not because I am a badass but becuase my back hurts), but usually my shoes are too wet or dirty put them anywhere but on the floor. Speaking of which, can you say something about Kdrama socks? Does no one have holes in their socks? Or old socks or worn socks? People have to take off their shoes all the time, so this is something I notice. Everyone has pristine socks. And if they aren’t wearing socks, it looks like everyone (and I mean everyone from the poorest granny to the most badass loan shark) just had a pedicure that morning. There isn’t a hang nail, corn, or bunion to be found!

    1. I have that weird habit too! Like, I try to scrutinize the actors feet or hands or face to see if they’re normal. Haha

      I think Son Ye Jin in Personal Taste had a sock with holes… or was that Yoo-rin in My Girl?

      Anyway, the only characters who usually have hole-y socks are gangsters and bums. :/

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