Good Parent Ban

(Warning: lots of spoilers ahead!)

An act declaring Good Parents as illegal citizens in Kdramaland, providing methods for their disappearance and removal thereof.

Enjoy it while it lasts...
Enjoy it while it lasts…

Section 1. Definition of Good Parent

Whereas a Good Parent is a father or mother, biological or otherwise, who complies with the following requirements:

(a) Has good rapport with his/her child.
(b) Treats adopted or step-children equally as if he/she were his/her own.
(c) Accepts his/her child’s romantic interest regardless of age, wealth, humanity, or relation to Some Person Who Did Some Giant Wrong To Our Family In The Past.
(d) Supports his/her children in their decisions as long as said decision is morally right, otherwise…
(e) Disciplines or points out when his/her children are being asses and generally bad people.
(f) Does not abandon his/her children for personal gain.
(g) Does not shout in every other scene.
(h) Does not do illogical things that cause Kdrama Audience to shout obscenities and throw stuff at the screen.
(i) Does not play Slap A Family Member A Day with his/her children. (Amendment by Shukmeister)


Section 2. Good Parents are illegal in Kdramaland.

Section 3. Modes of Disappearance

In accordance with Section 2 of this Act, any parental figure in compliance with the definition of Good Parent must disappear from the drama as early as possible in any of the following manners:

(a) Physically
Death, a mysterious trip he/she cannot get back from, or trapped in a place that renders him/her unable to return immediately to his/her family (i.e. jail).

(b) Mentally
Amnesia, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or any condition which renders the Good Parent unable to perform his/her Good Parent duties.

(c) Magically (i.e. Mid-drama Lobotomy)
A Good Parent who cannot leave Kdramaland by physical or mental means must apply for a Bad Parent Visa by obtaining a lobotomy in the middle of the drama. Lobotomy must manifest by sudden changes in principle and attitude such as:

(i) Deciding that his/her child can love Anyone But That Person.
(ii) Insisting that his/her child choose Someone With More Money/Nearer Age/Same Species.
(iii) Accusing his/her child of doing wrong without giving him/her a chance to explain.
(iv) Pushing his/her child away for Stupid Reasons.


Section 4. Effectivity

This Act may take effect as early as the first episode as long as a Good Parent has been detected.

10 thoughts on “Good Parent Ban”

  1. I would request an Amendment to the definition of Good Parent:
    – Does not headslap an individual identified as a family member, no mstter how they feel provoked.

  2. “Spoiler Alert” Good timing on this one given the latest episodes (7 and 8) of “I Hear Your Voice” in which the mother pays the ultimate price…. I couldn’t be feeling more devastated at the moment. Not your typical mother but a very good one, nonetheless…her response to her killer, “I didn’t raise my daughter to be pathetic” is priceless.

    1. Her awesomeness is truly bordering on fictional. 😥 I was worried the killer gave her an even harder time for that answer.

  3. This is so true!
    I’m trying to find some counterexample. Even in Answer Me 2013, they were shouting like crazy…

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