Let’s Play Kdrama Bingo (aka How To Survive Heirs)

Ah, Heirs. Such a polarizing drama. There are times when I want to quit because everyone keeps going around in circles and the only thing that changes is the episode number.

But I love the little Bo Na scenes. And Woo Bin’s Eyebrows (which deserve a separate drama wiki page for their acting prowess). And Kang Ha Neul’s turn as the “wise old man”… And Eun Sang’s mom + Tan’s mom… and well, you get the idea. I fell in love with these people and want to see what happens to them every week.

So to make watching Heirs more bearable and ignore the annoying characters, why not play Kdrama Bingo with it? Go here to get your unique* bingo card or read this page for details (i.e. suggestions on holding a Kdrama Marathon Bingo/Drinking Party).


* 1 out of 8 million million million… million combinations

7 thoughts on “Let’s Play Kdrama Bingo (aka How To Survive Heirs)”

  1. AHAHAHA!!! This is awesome!! 😀 You should copyright this or something, it’s fabulous!! And the tropes are so funny! I’m still giggling as I type this. Daebak, seriously.

    1. I’m behind this week! *sadface* Will try to catch up by next week. If you do play this week, please tell me if the cards work… I kinda lazied out on the testing part. hehe Thankyoueversomuch!

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