Kdrama Education System

Not really related, but where do I sign up for this school?
Not really related, but where do I sign up for this school?

This document describes the rules and objectives of the Kdrama Education System in raising the Kdrama Nation’s Youth.

Section 1. Levels of Education

I. Elementary Education
The first stage of education whose objective is to instill and nurture a young student’s ability to talk back to his elders and create opportunities for kids to meet their first loves.

A fateful meeting turned into obsessed love. (Boys Over Flowers)

II. Secondary Education
The second stage of education primarily concerned with pushing students to figure out their dreams of becoming a genius doctor, genius lawyer, or just getting into a really good The Top college.

Secondary Education also strengthens the societal foundation of Kdrama Youth by easing them into their future roles in society. Boys are allowed to be rebellious jackasses, while girls learn to survive harsh weather conditions with 6 inches of skirt.

The Emperor's New Skirt (Dream High)
The Emperor’s New Skirt (Dream High)

III. Tertiary Education
The last and optional stage of education which includes any post-high school academic activity.

Contrary to other Republics or territories, the Kdrama Educational System does not include college. College is an education level whose existence is merely implied as a prerequisite to being a genius doctor or genius lawyer. Any character wishing to obtain an MBA, MS, or PhD may do so without going to college as long as post-graduate studies happen offscreen and overseas.

Section 2. Student Population
A Kdrama School wishing to be recognized by law must assemble a mix of the following entities:

  1. A bully.
  2. A rebellious student.
  3. A studious student.
  4. A poor student who wants to study.
  5. A rich student who does not care about studying.
  6. A failing student who is actually a hidden genius if taught by a non-conventional professor.
  7. An achieving student who is obsessed with studying and/or pushed by equally obsessed parents.
  8. A student whose sole purpose is to walk in on secret conversations and spread news and/or intrigue.
  9. (Amendment by Celina) A privileged/smart student deliberately messing up exams/evaluations for a “higher purpose”.

Section 3. School Personnel
In addition to Section 2 of this document, a Kdrama School must also assemble the following School Personnel to gain recognition:

  1. 50% or more of teacher population who simply do not care about the students.
  2. The One Teacher Who Cares.
  3. A teacher, custodian, principal, etc. who lurks around corners and employs non-conventional but highly effective methods of discipline.
The One (Half) Teacher Who Cares. School 2013.
The One (Half) Teacher Who Cares. School 2013. (Source)

Section 4. School Activities
A Kdrama School must include one or more of the following activities in its curriculum.

Field Trip
Any out of town trip which allows students the opportunity to sleep together, get lost, twist an ankle while hiking, and get into dangerous situations otherwise not possible inside a Kdrama School.

High-stakes Test
Any form of evaluation such as an exam, presentation, or task which students must pass or risk being expelled or have their One Teacher Who Cares fired.

Any form of school activity which involves pitting together two or more entities, preferably the top dogs vs underdogs.

Heirs Episode 10 complying with required Field Trip
Heirs Episode 10 compliance for required Field Trip.
Dream High submission for Top vs Under Dog battles.
Dream High compliance for Top vs Under Dog battles.

Section 5. Non-compliance
Any “school drama” which fails to comply with rules outlined in this document is not really a school drama. Merely a drama about people of “high school age” or “in their college years”. (See: Answer Me 1994)

10 thoughts on “Kdrama Education System”

  1. Another brilliant post, mary! Loved this!! XD Spot on, especially the sections about student population, school personnel & school activities. I giggled through the entire post, mentally categorizing every school drama I’ve ever seen, and marveling at the fit. Salute!! 😀

  2. Another entertaining post 🙂

    Referring to Heirs (Lee Hyo-Shin) and Golden Rainbow (Seo Do-Young), I think there is the hybrid of 2.5 & 2.6. The “genius” rich kid who deliberately fails (failing to write his exams, deliberately marking down the wrong answers, or even throwing a college/university entrance interview) to serve some inner purpose (rebelling against parents, keeping his “genius” a secret, etc.)

  3. I must say there is a drama with college education, boys before flowers, remember? I bet you don’t since it was sooooo well hidden, it was when the second season started, but it was more a battle ground with the fiancee coming into the picture, and then Jan-di moved to work as a maid in Jun-pyo’s house, hiding the college plot really well, and then it somewhat strangely (or should I say conviniently?) appeared again at the end, with Ji-hoo studying to be a doctor after being shown to be conducting an orchestra in his early college years, I have long since understood that logic and boys before flowers can’t be said in the same sentence, except for this one, and your blog is something I’ll be watching closely from now on, cause it’s hilarious.

    1. Ahaha I did forget they ever went to college! Jan Di was left behind, right? (She was a hoobae, I think)
      Speaking of Ji Hoo, have you watched Playful Kiss? Now I remember college having a huge portion in that drama. Or maybe I’m confusing the Taiwanese vs Korean versions of It Started With A Kiss/Playful Kiss. 🙂

      Aww… thank you for enjoying kdramalaws!

  4. I just stumbled upon this blog NOW:( How did I not notice this pile of awesomeness earlier….damn it 🙂
    Anyways this post was really entertaining and made me remember all those lolworthy Heirs scenes that I was trying to forgetXD
    I also realized that even my favorite high school drama EVER Shut Up Flower Boy Band incorporated a whole lot of clichées…I still love it though ;D

    1. OMG I love SUFBB too! More than than Reply 1997 or FBRS. (Not that they sucked, just, they were aired in the same year and my sister didn’t like SUFBB that much.)

      About the SUFBB cliche, I guess it’s ok. It’s hard to find a truly unique plot now. It all boils down to how they use the cliches and also the acting.

      Speaking of SUFBB, does that mean Sung Joon is your ♥ too? Are you watching I Need Romance 3? *squee*

      1. I watched him in White Christmas before and already loved him in that:D But I cannot bring myself to start watching I Need Romance because I have exams coming up and there is not enough space in my heart next to Man from the StarsXD I will marathon it when it’s finished:)

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