The Ninja Award

ninjas sending me liebster shurikens

You guys. I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO DO. You’re psyching me up to write again, right?

I feel like each Liebster Award from you is a shuriken from The Reader’s Ninja of Justice. It reminds me that you are still out there, waiting for an awesome law, while I sit at home reading Kim Soo Hyun appreciation posts and crocheting cakes. It hits me right in my lazy blogger’s heart.

To my lovely ninjas, you are cool like this:

ninjas sending me liebster shurikens
I have seen the error of my ways. And yes, those are Liebster Shurikens Of Justice.

Ninja #1: Snow White from The Drama Corner

Who is your favorite K-ent actor and actress?
Kim So Yeon. Can’t decide for the guys, though.

Talking about favorites, what are your favorite movies, TV serials, actors and actresses outside Kdramaland?
What is this “outside Kdramaland” you speak of?

If your life were a drama, which one would it be?
Dalja’s Spring or any of the I Need Romance franchises. So when I reach 30, I’ll have my pick of hot guys. LOL

Dramas or novels? Why?
Abs or literary art? Maslow says you need both!

Which color do you like the most and why?
Purple Mountain Majesty. I always win guess-my-Crayola-name bets that way…

Your dream cast for a drama: main leads as well as second leads………….
THIS IS A SECRET. I’VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR MONTHS. KEKEKE Hope I can finish it and post it soon.

What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?
The money! You also get lots of free time to do whatever you want. LOL who am I kidding. It’s the people. Like you! Ninja Who Loves Chun Hyang As Much As I Do.

Ninjas # 2-3: Sab and Kooriyuki from The Cat That Watches Dramas

Their header pic reminds me of my horrible, spoiled cat who treats my legs as scratching posts.

I Summon You, Cat!
I Summon You, Cat!

Who is your fantasy boy/girlfriend OR husband/wife among all the hot Korean (or Japanese, or Taiwanese) artistes out there?
Right now, Kokuma seems great. Or a Kang Terry husband (minus the in-laws).

Name that ONE drama that you’d LURRVVEEE to change the ending to.
[SPOILER] I will make Park Ha forget Yi Gak so she can start over with Tae Yong. Then I will cry myself to sleep because Yi Gak can’t have his own happy ending. [/END SPOILER]

Which second lead do you like most? And would match you better than that silly lead who doesn’t appreciate him/her at all.
YOUNG DO FROM HEIRS. Yes, Eun Sang is silly.

Which villain do you think is redeemable?
One who isn’t dead yet. Only time will tell?

Which OST do you hate most? (and name that show where the OST belongs to!)
Any OST which only has, like, 3 songs and 17 instrumentals.

Which drama OTP do you hope will become real life husband/wife or couple?
The quirky pair from The Master’s Sun.

And related to (7), which drama OTP has totally zilch chemistry (and you wonder why they are still pushed together)?
Eun Sang and Kim Tan.

Which drama (need not be k-drama) you didn’t intend to watch, but end up lovin it (or at least suffered thru to the ending).
Cruel City. Everyone needs to watch Cruel City. At least until this part of Ep1.

DAT SEXY BLOODBATH. If you’re quick, you can spot Kim Jong Kook at 0:23 kekeke

Did you regret watching any show(s)? Name them!
I regret watching Cruel City. Because now I’m sad when there’s dating news about Jung Kyung Ho. *cries*

What is the max no. of episodes you can tolerate in a drama?
My Comm 3 prof said this:

A single page from a bad writer is one page too long. A hundred pages from a great writer is never enough.

I think the same can be said for episode counts, no? 🙂

Ninja #4: Jenny from Kdrama&More

Yes, we need more kdramas.

If you could go on a date with an actor/actress for one day who would you choose and why?
Right now, I am lusting after crushing on Yoon Hyun Min from Cruel City. Dat man is sexy and I am shallow. Perfect for a one day date!

What is your all time favorite kpop MV?
Haru Haru. This version:

If your life were an asian drama which drama would you pick?
Dalja’s Spring or INR. So I’ll still have a chance at 30+!

Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Who would you want to play you? and why?
Johnny Depp because he can play anything, I bet. Even a pint-sized Asian girl with a penchant for Kdramas.

What is your favorite book?
To Kill A Mockingbird. I don’t care about the themes and stuff. I just used to be a “helldevil” like Scout so this book is like my missing biography (the childhood part).

If you could have a 30 minute conversation with any fictional character (asian drama, movie or book character), who would you choose and why?
[SPOILER] Paksa Adeul. I’m going to ask him where he is hiding. [/END SPOILER]

Who is your favorite asian drama character?
Paksa Adeul

Favorite drama ost of all time?
Of all time? I can’t say. But I’m currently listening to Cruel City. Hurt is so sexy. (I meant the song. I’m not really into BDSM.)

What korean food would you like to try?
Samgyupsal. I am actually looking for a grill + that outdoor wooden bed thingy so I can try grilling meat while sitting cross-legged in my yard at home. Yes, I am weird. Carry on.

If you were to come out in we got married who would you like you partner to be?

Ninja #5: Yami Hyunnie from Asia Reviewer Maniac

What got you so interested in Asian culture?
I am Asian! Although not the kind of Asian you see in Kdramas. (Also, abs.)

Do you tend to express your love for Asian culture outside of the blogging world (with friends, family, work or school?)
I tried to convert them. It didn’t work. :sadface:

If you were able to become fluent in only one language overnight, which would it be and what would you do with such skills?
Hangeul. Then I will apply to be a Dramabeans minion.

Have you got another hobby apart from blogging? If so, what is it and how often do you do it?
Reading and watching and cooking and crocheting and programming. My hobby is being busy. Although I keep reading that busy for the sake of busy-ness is kinda bad. Something like this.

At least I have inedible cake?

If you were only one of the last two survivors of a zombie apocalypse (cliqued, I know lol), who would your other survivor buddy be?(could be celebrity, family, even your pet ><)
I mentioned in Liebster Lite (updated with zombies!) that my top pick would be Milla Jovovich. She is badass. Although we couldn’t procreate so goodbye, humanity!

Which is your all-time favourite variety show
Takeshi’s Castle. I feel old.

What is one food you wish to try out?
Samgyupsal. Only if Lee Bum Soo grills it for me.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Bacon. Against doctor’s orders. I feel so badass eating a Baconator.

Who or what is your ideal male/female?
I don’t have an ideal person. Yet.

One piece of advice for those who are currently blogging/wanting to start a blog
Just start. Don’t wait until you have money for a domain and great writing skills. Don’t be too conscious. Relax. Imagine you’re talking to a friend… who you’ve had a crush on for ten years now and you’re about to tell him how much you like him and ask him out on a date.

So, yeah. No pressure. 🙂

… aaaand Ladida from Idle Revelry gave me an award last June 2013! Fancy that!

Now I feel REALLY horrible and unpunctual. Sorry, Ladida. 😦

What are your top three favorite posts you’ve written?
[1] Kdrama Bingo, [2] Queen In Hyun’s Man Trial, and [3] Reluctant Heir Law — which was made irrelevant by Kim Tan but still kinda works.

Do you have a writing philosophy? If you do, what is it? If you don’t, how do you set out to write?
I don’t. I get random ideas and scramble to note them on a Post-it before I forget.

Give a synopsis of a drama you wish someone would write.
I can’t. I’ve been working on one. It’s a secret!

How do you feel about the 2013 drama year so far? Which year was your favorite?
If I answered this last June I’d say 2013 was kinda bland. But now that I’ve watched Cruel City, 2013 is my new 2011!

Do you watch jdoramas and if so which are your favs?
Not a lot. Nodame Cantabile is still the best one for laughs.

Bonus: We have recap blogs, general thoughts blogs, squee blogs, etc. What kind of kdrama blog would you like to see?
Argh. I can’t share again! I’m working on something similar. 🙂

Lore and Ekun from Lore In Stone Cities sent me some Liebster Shurikens too. 🙂

Who is your least favorite character in dramaland (aka the one that you wish you could slap)?
Right now, I’ve broken up with Jin Sook unni because she is EEEVIL in Can We Love.

What is the story behind your blog name / blogging ID?
It’s the laws of drama land! (Which makes me sort of an unofficial scribe/legislator I guess)

Favorite Korean variety show and why? If you do not watch Korean variety shows, do you have a favorite variety, talk or reality show (from any country) and why?
Family Outing. All they did was splash around and catch chickens but for some reason, they had me entertained.

Why do you enjoy writing?
I… do?

If you could choose only one drama to have while stranded on a deserted isle (and could watch it via a magic coconut blu-ray / DVD player) what would it be and why? This would be the only drama you could watch until you were rescued (if you were rescued).
LOL I like that coconut. And I’d choose Dae Jang Geum because [1] it’s very long, and [2] there are cooking and health tips which could help me survive.

If you were to describe your personality as a Kdrama character, what type of character would you be and why?
I like to think I’m Joo Yeon (INR3) with low EQ. :sadface:

What is the one thing in a drama that is a deal breaker for you? i.e. You hate it so much you can no longer watch it, why?
Really crappy writing. I can tolerate crappy actors, crappy directing, and editing. But really really bad plot turns me off.

Your dream team F4 looks like…?
As of February 15, 2014 03:11 AM
[1] Song Jae Rim as Lead,
[2] Lee Soo Hyuk as Second Lead,
[3] Kim Bum as Kim Bum again haha,
[4] Young Do as the Gangster Chaebol (may switch with #1 Song Jae Rim based on my mood)

If there was any drama out there that you could rewrite with an alternate ending, what would it be?
Rooftop Prince.

Name one thing you cannot absolutely live without? Why?
Aside from the basics? Pen and paper. 🙂

Ally Avocado of Counting Out Heartbeats Also Signed Up To Be A Ninja

If you were put under a spell and trapped in a drama as the second lead, would you give up on your love or fight for it and why?
This is a trick question. Second leads have no choice in the matter.

Was there ever a drama in which you shipped the two second leads?  If yes, what was it?
Protect The Boss. :3 So cute! I fell in love with Jaejoong.

Was there a side character whom you became attached to almost as much as or more than the main leads in a drama?
Oh gods! Kim So Yeon in Iris was just… she was perfect. Cruel City has an amazing supporting cast, too.

Was there a drama that made an impact on your life in a big way? If so, which one and why?
Err… none. But Dream High has a lot of great messages about trying and failing and always having a choice and changing for the better, if you’re looking for that kind of stuff.

What is your all-time favorite drama character?  Would you want to be his/her friend in real life?
No one in general but I noticed I tend to side with cool cucumbers like Jin Sook from Cruel City and Mo from Inspiring Generation. Would I want to be friends with them in real life? NO. I want to BE them.

Did you fall in love with drama slowly or did you suddenly realize you were addicted?

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.


What keeps you blogging?
People! 🙂

What food have you never eaten but most want to try?
Samgyupsal. I’m half-tempted to start grilling bacon in my backyard instead.

What kdrama character have you most wanted to strangle?
I can’t answer this without spoiling it, but _____ from Cruel City.

Is there a drama you wish you had never watched?  If so, which one and why?
Cruel City. Because now I’m sad when I hear that Jung Kyung Ho is taken. 😦

That’s it from me, folks. Ninja on. ♥

14 thoughts on “The Ninja Award”

    1. I will talk to him to find out where he is so I can jump him.

      And yes! I’m working on something huge! I’m also saving money from my 8-5 job so I can pay for the hosting and stuff. 🙂

        1. Oh no! Stop pressuring me, I might turn into a diamond!


          — wait. You’re not hoping for an illegal, kdrama gambling ring, right?! 😛

        2. OMG. I’m just jumping in here to say, you 2 are hysterical!! XD I’m still giggling as I type this. And it would terribly unlawful (hur) of mary to give us an illegal kdrama gambling ring 😉

  1. Giggle. This was such a fun read, mary! 😀 Yay that this Liebster, er, I mean, ninja thing got you out to blog! I LOLed at “What is this “outside Kdramaland” you speak of?” coz that is SO TRUE. I don’t actually watch anything outside of kdramaland anymore! XD And your Comm 3 prof sounds like a wise, profound sage indeed. Such true words! It’s never enough, when it’s great!

    Also, I echo DDee. I’m intrigued by whatever you’ve got cookin’ up your sleeves! Looking forward to the big reveal! 😀

    1. Also, thanks for the shout-out. Appreciating Kim Soo Hyun is a legit past-time, btw. We’ve have quite a few testers on the post to prove it 😉 Hee.

      1. That KSH post of yours is ♥

        Also, you are such a bouncing, speedreading ball of energy. It’s like you can read EVERYTHING. Do you still sleep?

        1. Tee hee. I manage by only reading the good stuff *cough* 😉 And yes, I still sleep. Less than I should, I’m thinking, but I’m still gettin’ some ^^

    1. Aww… I don’t know anything about cinematography and the noir style… *is very shy about her lack of knowledge* but I just really really like the story and the acting and the characters. *u* It is amazing and refreshing and different. 🙂

      1. Ohh I’m not an expert. Haha. I just thought it was filmed real pretty. The acting was definitely phenomenal. Especially the main lead doctors son. *u* quite refreshing indeed!

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