Intercut Your Heart Out Law

An act requiring scenes of suffering and/or death to be intercut with simpler, happier times to maximize audience grief.

Section 1. Whereas, the Majority of Kdrama Audiences are a cunning lot, fully aware that people rarely die in Kdramas.

Section 2. Whereas, there is a need to manipulate the audience’s feelings and to make them feel worried over a character’s suffering and/or possible death.

Section 3. Whereas, in accordance with Sections 1 and 2 of this Act, any scene in which an important character is suffering, dying, or in grave danger must be intercut with emotionally manipulative scenes such as, but not limited to:

(a) A loved one or family member waiting for the doomed character,
Age of Feeling Episode 8Age of Feeling Episode 8

(b) Flashbacks to scenes of happier times,
intercut_CruelCity_ep8 intercut_CruelCity_ep8b

(c) Simple, alternate realities such as raising a family, putting up a small store, drinking with a Hyung, etc. which one cannot do IF ONE IS ALREADY DEAD,
intercut_TWDR_ep24 intercut_TWDR_ep24b

(d) Focus on a symbolic object such as a engagement/proposal ring, a gift for a long-lost parent, a toy for a very adorable but sick child, etc.


Section 4. Violations
Any character who fails to squeeze the maximum attainable sympathy from the audience shall automatically lose its right to a tributary blog post, hashtag, or dedicated tumblr account.

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