Weirdness Protection Program

An act allowing weird characters to find acceptance and peace after having suffered discrimination or loneliness for a long time.

Section 1. Definition of weird
Weird persons are those who have superhuman abilities, double lives, or different origins such as, but not limited to:

(a) Being a member of another species.

Image from YFAS ep18 recap @dramabeans.

(b) Getting the urge, occasionally, to eat human liver.

Image from Gu Family Book Ep 6 @soompi

(c) Having superpowers.

I Hear Your Voice episode 8
I Hear Your Voice episode 8

(d) Possessing secret identities.

Gaksital (old file)
Gaksital (old file)

Section 2. Admission to the program
Leads who fall under the definition of weird are eligible for the program, provided they comply with one or more of the ff:

(a) They have suffered discrimination from society and/or family members.
(b) They have long wandered our world, giving up on finding someone who understands.
(c) They have tried their damnedest to tamp down their murderous tendencies.
(d) They have used their weirdness for good.

Section 3. Rights and benefits
Weird leads who qualify for the program shall have the following rights and benefits:

(a) Access to warm, accepting people who admire them for being special.

YFAS Episode 18 Fashion Review
YFAS Episode 18 Fashion Review

(b) Access to people who will take their side and love them as is.

Arang and The (Hot) Magistrate. Oops. That sounded wrong...
Arang and The (Hot) Magistrate. Oops. That sounded wrong…

The aforementioned benefits shall be granted on top of all basic OTP rights as mandated by existing Kdrama Laws, when applicable, such as: Poverty Alleviation Act and Stay of Execution Law.

Section 4. Penalty for harrassment of weird lead
Side characters who continually torment the Weird Lead shall have their metaphorical ass kicked and humiliated in the final episode. Provided said ass is still alive by then.

10 thoughts on “Weirdness Protection Program”

  1. Love your post! I’m surprised you didn’t put down Yeo Wool’s unconditional support for the benefit because I swear when I watched how she kept on believing in Kang Chi, my eyes tear up. The scene where she prevents her dad from killing Kang Chi by taking Kang Chi’s hands and turning him back to normal is a great example~

    1. (Huh? Where did my reply go?! Typing it again. Sorry.)

      OMG! That exact scene was actually my inspiration for that section. But I had to ditch it along the way due to various editing, image-finding, and post-balancing problems.

      I think it’s awesome that this law reminded you of that scene too. 😀

  2. For lack of a better place to ‘chime in,’ I’ll do it here. I have been watching K-dramas for about a year now…here are some things that really bug me: 1) Is having chapped lips an epidemic in S. Korea? Over and over again, I see close-ups of seriously chapped lips. I’m just saying, it’s kind of a turn off…and now it just makes me laugh. 2) Is it really okay to stuff your face and/or talk with your mouth full of food and in some cases, food falling out of your mouth? Also, they film actors with little particles of food or crap(?) stuck to the corners of mouth, lips, or face. My last… for now because I have tons more little pet peeves…this is one of my biggest conundrums 3) Why does everyone sleep in their clothes? Every K-drama has the scene where they have to put someone who has drunk too much alcohol or is sick into bed…they are unceremoniously dumped into ‘bed,’ coat, clothes, and all. Even if they are not sick or drunk, actors/actresses are shown fully clothed when going to bed/when waking up. Case in point, in “My Love From Another Star” … love it, but I am having difficulty with the scenes of them in bed…fully clothed….I’m just saying…two gorgeous people, obviously in love, and they are sleeping in sweatshirts and sweaters? Enough for now…stumbled across your website when doing research for a paper and…loved it —intellectually witty, fun, and TRUE! It says all the things that just drive me crazy, but I won’t let that stop me from watching K-dramas.

    1. What paper is that? LOL Why did you end up on kdrama laws?

      I feel like you gave me some sort of homework in return. I haven’t experience Korean culture but I’ll try to hazard a guess for your questions…

      [1] Yes, the chapped lips thing is weird! I’ve been watching kdramas since 2005 but I’ve only noticed the chapped lips thing recently. It was disturbing in Marry Him If You Dare. They made Lee Dong Gun look like a sick ahjusshi. *cries over ahjusshi crush* Maybe they’re going for a “natural look” or the weather has been REALLY cold in the past few years.

      [2] Re: ranting with food in mouth… don’t normal people do that when they’re so worked up about something? I guess it meant “I’m So Affected By This Conversation I Have To Answer Back Without Swallowing My Food First”.

      [3] Hahaha! Lots of people mention that too. Maybe it should be a law. Maybe they can’t completely “normalize” the look of their stars, hence, the full makeup on sleeping and waking up scenes.

      I’m glad you still love kdramas, flaws and all. (Also, isn’t that the definition of true love? Haha)

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