Evil. Xenophilic. Obsession.

I have a younger sister. A dongsaeng by birth.

If you’re an Unni like me, you know that dongsaengs are biologically hardwired to idolize us and take our opinion as fact.

For example:

When I say We do not like Yoochun. We are Team Geol-oh, my dongsaeng will boo at Gat Kisses and squee at Crazy Horse.

When I say Yoochun has improved. You are allowed to like him now, she will nod and admit that he was cute in SKKS too. (Just not as much as Geol-oh.)

Had I been a sadistic older sister, I could’ve ordered, “Watch Fashion King!” and she would dive in and marathon that sucker, final exams be damned.

Such is the power of being an Unni.

But lately, when I call her up to ask about Alien Kisses and Stuffed Giraffes, she would give vague excuses about term papers and lab work. Last week, it was a consultation with the thesis adviser. The other day, she was buying groceries with our mom.

I ask her why she hasn’t watched the latest episode yet, and she would say something about “intermittent internet connection”. So I send money in case our mom forgot to pay the bills again.

I want to ask her “What’s wrong? Don’t you like kdramas anymore?” but Unnis don’t do that. That would make it look like we value our dongsaeng’s opinion. Which WE DO NOT.

We are the Unni. Our word is law.

Ask your dongsaengs once, and they will start to think that their opinions matter. Then before you know it, they’ll be saying unforgivable things like “Mo is ugly”.

So I didn’t ask her.

But she said it anyway.

“Mo is ugly.”

Inspiring Generation Ep9 - Mo
THIS is ugly?! WTF is wrong with you?!

That was how I knew.

Why she suddenly joined Twitter. Why she’s saving her allowance to purchase stuff from Nature Republic… Why she no longer has patience for 16-episode kdramas.

My sister taking pictures with a standee. A standee for chrissakes!
My sister (edited out) taking pictures with a standee. If anyone knows the identity of this boy, kindly contact me at @kdramalaws.

There was an idol.

It’s always an idol.

Et tu, Sis?

16 thoughts on “Evil. Xenophilic. Obsession.”

    1. šŸ˜„ I can’t.

      When I try to talk to her, she’s always asking “what do you think about this or that idol? what about that one? and this group?” and THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME TO ME (unless they’ve been in a drama) and my old brain is spun around…

  1. Well, there’s no excuse for ditching dramas, dissing mo (heresy!!) and disobeying unni, but if it was for an idol, she could do a heck of a lot worse than EXO. That boy is Kai. She chose well šŸ˜›

    1. Wow. Everyone seems to approve my sister’s choice. Haha

      I’ve been taking EXO101 lessons from JoAnne on twitter. And Kai does seem like a good kid.

  2. The one thing as a ėˆ„ė‚˜ that I can’t get my ė‚Øė™ģƒ into. (SO many things wrong with that sentence but whatevs, it’s late over here lol.)

    I think that guy is Kai. He’s attractive in person 態態態…

    1. Aww… I didn’t realize how harder it is for those who have guy dongsaengs. Haha

      At least my sister used to watch with me.

      (Also, lahat kayo boto kay Kai ah!)

  3. oh my sister isn’t into kdramas, but she watches a lot of running man and likes kim jong-kook, who i used to like a lot. I’m trying to get her into kpop by singing it at the top at my voice, but i don’t know if that’s going to work… and don’t worry, recognising all the kpop people can take quite a long time. Brainwashing yourself might work.

    1. I can only recognize them if they do cameos on kdramas. Sadly, this EXO group hasn’t appeared in dramas yet.

      But I heard DO is going to be in a drama. So now I know there’s a DO in EXO. šŸ™‚

      1. Suho did a cameo in prime minister and i, but i didn’t watch the drama so i don’t know what he did.

  4. I find this really funny because that’s just like my unnie and I. Hahaha. I used to consider her words as laws, too. Okay, sometimes i still consider her words as the law even though I’m already 24. OTL
    I think she’s the main reason why I don’t like Kim Hyun-Joong because she doesn’t like him. But yeah, she also can’t do anything about me liking KPOP (and currently, Tao from EXO, who she finds ugly </3).

    1. Tao… Tao… I refuse to memorize their names (because it annoys my sister hehe)
      But Tao… is the one who has panda eyes? kekekekeke

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